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5 Great Kindergarten Games to Play

Being a five year-old kid is a magical time of learning. The learning window is wide open in Kindergarten. Children begin reading, meeting classmates, and learning how to interact in society. So much early life experience occurs during their playtime at this age. I recommend parents not only read to their kids 30 minutes everyday, but that they also take an hour a week and play family board games.

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5 Reasons I Love CoSchedule

If the adage, which I believe, that “consistent blogging helps your business” then tools that help you stay on top of your blogging are something to consider. Nothing has changed my blogging as much as CoSchedule. I absolutely love this product! I could not imagine planning out or promoting my post through social media without utilizing this wonderful gizmo.

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How to Pack a “Mother Lode” without Dumping One

Packing the Inside of the eBags TLS 21″ Mini Mother Lode Duffel: With 2752 cu. in. of space, both my wife and I were able to pack a four-day dressy trip in this ONE carry-on bag. This just over 8 lbs, light, durable Mother Lode duffel, has more features than IMAX theater on Thanksgiving weekend.

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