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Slob Space: What’s on Your Desk?

With three active kids who are days away from starting school, I’ve been staying up late or getting up extra early to catch up on work. While I do have an office just two short miles from the house, I have also put together a make shift private office in my home. Private in the sense that it is a card table located in the master bathroom. None of this is normally a problem, except I am one of those geeks whose work space has turned into a slob space.

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A Truly Manly Geek Carries a Purse – aka Laptop Bag

When I was in college my female friends would sometimes play a game called, “What’s in your purse?” From which they would go around the room and pull out the craziest items ranging from a roll of toilet paper to a hotel single cup coffee maker. 25 years later, I fully admit…

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My Suicide Bend on Hotel Shower Curtains

When I think back to when I was a kid, family vacations involved long road trips and stops at scary looking motels. Back then you didn’t pre-plan your road stays. When we got tired, my parents would pull off the highway and look for a lite up *”Vacancy”* sign. We would check in, pre-pay, and get handed a real key.

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