5 Benefits of Playing the Game of Life

written by Fred Campos
The Game of Life by Fred Campos https://www.DaddyGotCustody.com

[T]he Game of Life is one of the oldest board games in American history. It’s also one of the most popular games from Milton Bradley. Unlike Monopoly, the Game of Life will end at a particular point, which means you can generally finish the game in an evening.

Here are five benefits of playing the game of Life with your kids:

1. Playing the Game of Life Develops Logic and Critical Thinking Skills.

Right from the start, players have to make the choice whether to attend college or not, and this choice affects the rest of the game. Then, along the way, players must make other decisions about buying a house, taking on debt, buying insurance, and taking a particular path.

2. Playing the Game of Life Increase Vocabulary.

The Game of Life teaches many financial concepts, such as insurance and stocks, bonds, and even gambling. It’s not often that parents get the opportunity to discuss these things in a neutral setting, but the game opens the doors.

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3. Playing the Game of Life Increases Family Time.

As parents, we have to make fun things happen together. Laughing and talking around a board game gets everyone together in a positive environment.

4. Playing the Game of Life Helps Your Child Learn about Success.

In the game, the objective is to earn the most money, but that’s not always the definition of success. When you play Life, you can talk about this philosophy with your children.

5. Playing the Game of Life Winning Isn’t about Doing Everything Right.

In the game, there are times when you spin the wheel to determine your fate. Getting an expensive home seems to be a good thing, but if your salary doesn’t pay the bills, you could lose the game. You may choose a good career, but on another turn, have to change salaries. There is an element of luck involved in the Game of Life, just as in life itself.

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What did you learn from Life? What were your favorite board games?

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