Small business owners are having to do more with less, every day. Stretching every dollar, looking for every good deal, reaching out to serve client needs, and finding the time for your own digital marketing. We understand because we’re small business owners too. We at DFW Website Designers offer a DFW website package and service to fit any budget.

1. “I need an occasional website change. Monthly Web Guy!

Our most popular package. You have a decent site but your web designer doesn’t do post support and your changes are not often and simple. We’ll do one simple 30 min change for you every three days via email for $59. Three month minimum support. All changes are done via email. But we’re your guys behind the scene making those little tweaks while you focus on your business. $57/month billed quarterly at $171, or $50/month billed annually at $600. Click the buy now below.
$57/mo, $171/qtr

$50/mo, $600/yr

2. “I am a do it yourself-er but I am stuck. Quick Website Fix!

Got yourself in a bind? Just need the smallest of tweak. Something that a professional could do in like 30 mins, but would probably take you hours and hours? Change an address, add an image, change some of the verbiage on your site? Add a plugin or just basic consult. If you only need our help once, find your WP admin logon or your FTP password (for HTML site) and click buy now below.
1/2 Hour or 1 Hour One-time

Here is how this works. Pay the fee and send us an email with access to your site and we’ll fix it within 24 to 48 hours. No verbal contact. Yea we speak English but it has to be simple enough to be written in a short email.

3. “I am a cheapskate, what about me? Pre-Built Websites!

For you, click the buy button below, email us your URL, email us about your business and who you are trying to reach and we’ll take it from there. Yea, for this price you have NO say. We are in complete control. But don’t worry, we’ll create something awesome and SEO’d it very well for you. All for $997. Trust us, it’s way better than what you have now or you wouldn’t be looking at this page. And it will be mobile responsive. If you are an attorney, we are so good we pre-build, websites in your field every day for $997 as well. It’s what we do for fun, when we are bored. Go take a look here.
Website Package $997

We don’t do any website work for less than $997 and interacting with clients below this level is just a waste of our time and yours. If you need a site and are thinking in this price range, you need to leave it to the professionals. You website is your calling card, it needs to be done right. Otherwise you are not very serious about your business.

4. “I need a video for my site? Video Marketing!

We live in a video age. You can create a full length video right from your smart phone. However, if you want a professional video created in a green screen room, we will assist, edit and produce 3 minutes worth of recordings for $1050, click the “Buy Now” below. For more detail information on Video Marketing, click here.
3 Min Video Package $1050

5. “I got a site, but it basically sucks. Rebuild Website!

No problem. We’ve see worse, trust us. You come up with a few ideas, we salvage what content we can and rebuild your website on your domain, for $1497. We’ll give you four days. We’re good, we’ll take what you got and make it better. Buy now and let’s get started!
Rebuild Your Website

We’ll rebuild your site make it mobile responsive, change things up, add rotators and SEO it to death–so that it works for you. We’ll take a little bit of input from you, but we’re basically going to design something awesome with what you started and give it back to ya. We’re not going 10 rounds with you. We’re quick and efficient. Put your money where your mouth is and buy now!

6. “Pull the band aid off, guys. I need a NEW website!

Ok, ok, we hear you. If you have no website currently or you completely want to start over with a new design and everything.
  • Domain name researched and purchased.
  • Newly designed mobile responsive website based on your needs.
  • One full week of development, design, and live building of your site. After all, God created the world in that time, we will too.
  • Your content SEO’d, modified, and reworked to best suit your needs.
  • Submitted to over 50 search engines and tweaked for optimum online discovery.
It’s fast, it’s custom, it’s complete dedication for a week of one of our professionals!
New Website

There are cheaper site options, even FREE websites that are DYI from the get-go. But if you expect (or desire) plenty of traffic, it’s crucial to invest in your online presence. One week of fully dedicated developer, $2497. Paypal credit cards are sitting by, “Buy Now” to order!

One more thought: We are unable to offer refunds. We are service-oriented individuals who will walk on hot coals, exchange services, and do a rain dance in order to make our clients happy, but the state of business today does not allow us to offer refunds as of November 01, 2013. We really appreciate your understanding.