Category: Your Ex, the “Other” Parent

A Word On The Evil Ex Theory

Most of us don’t quite know when we started thinking that Exes were doomed to be evil. But there’s something oddly appealing about it. Perhaps, we’re simply so used to watching the media portray past relationships from a negative angle that we automatically assume that the Ex is always wrong.

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Covid-19 is not the Time to Fight with Your Ex

For most of us alive, we have never seen a worldwide pandemic like we are all witnessing with Covid-19. It is overwhelming in comparison to even to the feelings felt on September 11th. I remember traveling shortly after that crisis. People were nicer, traffic merged easier, and passengers from different rows in airplanes introduced themselves with respect and courtesy.

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A Co-Habitation Agreement: What You Need to Know

The rights of unmarried couples who live together have been debated for some years, but there is still little progress in terms of ensuring that the rights of unmarried couples are the same as those that are married. If you are an unmarried couple who live jointly within the same house, you may be thinking about obtaining a co-habitation agreement. These legal documents give you much more legal rights and protection than you would have if without it.

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