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Steps to take when you suspect your child has suffered medical malpractice

While everyone hopes their time in the care of health professionals goes smoothly, accidents can and do happen. It can be even worse when it happens to your child. If you feel that your child received substandard service while in a hospital or other medical center, there are some important steps you should take.

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How Dads Can Save Money Before Their Divorce

If you think your marriage could be heading to a close, then you should start preparing for the worst. This is usually something you can just sense. You’re not just not talking to each other, you’re physically not acknowledging each other in the household and when the talk turns to money, both of you seem to feel like the other is hiding something from them.

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The Daddy Got Custody Podcast

Putting The Kids First

Putting the children before your own hurt is important. Rising above is the hardest thing to do when you've been hurt by someone else, but if you try to hurt the other person to make yourself feel better, you'll lose.

Remarriage Tips

Marriage & Remarriage Tips

House of Cards Season 3 Chapter 35 – Innocence Lost

This episode opens with Kate Baldwin (Kim Dickens) sleeping with Thomas Yates (Paul Sparks) skipping President Frank Underwood's campaign speech in Iowa. During the speech, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), passes Frank a note that 8 Russian troops were killed in the Jordan Valley. Frank cuts his speech short and tries to get Russian President Viktor Petrov on the phone.

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Points To Consider When Selecting a Lawyer

With millions of attorneys to choose from, when it comes to selecting a lawyer for you, then it can be something that is really time-consuming. Of course, that is something that is so important, so taking the time to find the right lawyer that is the right one for you, is really important.

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My Favorite Top 100 Family Board Games

As parents of three kids, we have over 100 different types of board games we have played throughout their lives. We have played every kind of family game imaginable from the simplest Candy Land to the hardest Trivia Pursuit. So often we recommend and even loan out different games to friends and family. So today I have made a list of my favorite top 100 family board games we have played with the kids. Enjoy!

One Simple Trick to Learn How to Cook for My Kids! Part 2

Before I started home cooking in truth, I had three spices: salt, pepper, and an old bottle of taco seasoning I found in a cabinet. Now I have over thirty. If tarragon chicken isn’t well-received, I’ll do a lemon zest or paprika version. I can’t do a lot of sauces because...

Why Kids Need You to Celebrate Good Friday and Easter

But now more than ever, kids need you to celebrate Good Friday, Passover, and Easter. Its more than just the tradition, its a time to explain the true meaning of Passover. Passover relates today to our worldwide fight to overcome Covid-19. The Meaning of Passover goes back to when Moses instructed God's people to leave Egypt after overcome the plagues of that day. The Israelites prepared a special meal, slaughtered a lamb, and put the blood over the doorway to have a death plague PASSOVER their home.

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Tips on Being the Best Dad

Custody Road Review

Director John Lacy lays out a hauntingly desperate, spontaneously violent, and very painful movie. A struggling stand up comic goes to extreme measures of kidnapping his party-girl ex-wife from winning sole custody of their young son. What happens at a remote cabin in the high desert of California will cause you to reflect on the true pains of the child custody process.

Your Ex

Dealing with the Other Parent

Things To Remember When You’re In The Midst Of A Divorce!

Being in the middle of a divorce is hard. There are so many things to deal with including difficult emotions, it's no wonder that sometimes it can all feel overwhelming. The good news is you can make it easier to stay focused, and come out with a positive result by following the advice below.

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