How to Build the 4th Grade Alamo Project

written by Fred Campos
How to Build the 4th Grade Alamo Project

[I] am in the process of consolidating a very old personal blog from 8 years ago. You will never guess what the most popular post was from that site? Ironically it was a post about helping my daughter, Caitlyn, with her 4th Grade Texas Alamo project. There must be a ton of parents and students looking for ideas. As this single post would record 300-400 hits a day. So to aid the general public, here’s a copy of that post from November 18, 2008.
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When I was a kid, the only resources available for school projects were the World Book Encyclopedias. Today encyclopedias are now Google searches. For my daughter’s 4th grade Alamo project, we got ideas off the Internet. So for all you parent surfers out there who need ideas and help for your child’s 4th grade Alamo project, here are the steps Caitlyn took in her assignment.

4th Grade Caitlyn doing Research on her Alamo Project

4th Grade Alamo Project: Step I – Alamo Research

  1. Caitlyn research historical pictures and ideas. We did google picture searches on “Alamo.”
  2. Caitlyn brain stormed and listed all the materials she would need.
    a. Foam board
    b. Gray clay
    c. Paints
    d. Popsicle sticks
    e. Toy soldiers & canons
    f. Fake grass
    g. Construction paper
    h. Shoe or Boot box

Materials Needed for 4th Grade Alamo Project

4th Grade Alamo Project Step II – Alamo Boot/Shoe Box

  1. Caitlyn cut the lid a boot box in the shape of the front Alamo chapel.
  2. Caitlyn glued the boot box to a foam board and covered the box and lid with clay.

Alamo Project Covering with Clay and Paint

4th Grade Alamo Project Step III – Alamo Clay Covering & Painting

  1. Caitlyn rolled clay into four polls then painted the windows and door.
  2. Caitlyn added brown construction paper, fake grass, toy soldiers, and toy canons to finish out the project!

Caitlyn's 4th Grade Alamo Project

Good luck and happy building!

Tell me about your Alamo project? Dads, what other building projects have you done with your kids?

Images of my daughter, Caitlyn Campos.



  1. Julie


    i’ve been reading u a while. u are one great dad. i think it is absolutely great that u spend that much time with your daughter & stay involved even with her projects. my son is only 1 & we don’t quite take our history as serious as u guys do there in texas (im in oklahoma).

    keep being a super dad!

    • FullCustodyDad


      thanks so much for writing. Yes Texas is certainly a proud state, so proud we spend a whole year learning Texas history! I do what I can. I encourage all parents to stay more involved in their kids’ lives after a divorce. Spending quality time with kids is paramount. Whether that is helping with projects, reading them a bedtime stories or just being available to listen to their needs.

      FYI, enjoy your time with your son. You’re going to blink and be in school, then blink again and he’ll be driving. Toddler time is a great time!



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