5 Reasons I Love CoSchedule

written by Fred Campos
I Love CoSchedule, DaddyGotCustody.com CoSchedule Review

[I]f the adage, which I believe, that “consistent blogging helps your business,” then tools that help you stay on top of your blogging are something to consider. Nothing has changed my blogging as much as CoSchedule. I absolutely love this product! I could not imagine planning out or promoting my post through social media without utilizing this wonderful gizmo.

What Exactly is CoSchedule?

Before I dive into MY 5 Reasons I Love CoSchedule, watch this two minute video to understand what CoSchedule is, and their five reasons it improves your blogging.

#1 It Visually Helps You Plan Out Your Blog Titles

Prior to CoSchedule, I wrote ideas and titles in spiral notebooks or Excel spreadsheets and randomly posted without consistency or reason. The first major change that CoSchedule has provided for me is an optic representation of the upcoming month’s post. From the CoSchedule calendar, I can quickly click create a new blog posts and titles. CoSchedule fully integrates into your WordPress blog, and allows you to create, edit and move around the post visually. Keep in mind you are NOT having to sift through the Draft section of your WordPress dashboard. Furthermore, I can turn on or off, segregate or isolate, my scheduled social media blog promotions easily. (Example below only shows isolation of my scheduled blog posts and titles.)

Fred's Blog Post Titles in CoSchedule

#2 You Can Color Code Your Pre-Blog Posts

CoSchedule allows me to color code my blog posts. In the example image above, “Green” titles are posts that are completely ready to be published, “Orange” titles are written but need a 2nd read and final touches, and “Purple” titles are ideas but are not fully written. This allows me to keep track of the status of every post, and if your organization has team members, they know exactly what to work on based on color.

#3 You Can Queue Social Media Blog Promotions from Inside Your WordPress Post Dashboard

CoSchedule allows you to connect all of your social media in one place. Furthermore, right after you finish and schedule your post, you can queue up and drip feed your social media post promotions from inside the post dashboard (see below).

CoSchedule Embedded in WordPress

#4 CoSchedule Provides Top Post Stats

CoSchedule keeps track of the most promoted posts over the past day, week, month and year in a graphical breakdown by my social media types. However, the most amazing feature of this report, from the breakdown I can immediately share and reschedule old posts. These assessments allow me to quickly recycle popular posts historically without having to dig through pages of the WordPress dashboard to find them.

#5 CoSchedule Provides Great Videos & Ongoing Online Training

The problem with lots of great products is you learn how to use it for a particular want and you never study new features beyond your needs. The CoSchedule dashboard allows the CoSchedule staff to provide ongoing video comments and tutorials. But wait, there’s more, they have a great short self paced video course called “CoSchedule Master Class,” which walks you through most of the popular features on your own time. These video tutorials are concise, and extremely beneficial.

This is just the highlight reel of this great solution. I love CoSchedule so much, that I have become a daily user and an affiliate. If you blog, you MUST give them a try by clicking this link here… CoSchedule.

How do you use CoSchedule? What features of CoSchedule do you love?

Image from my use of CoSchedule. CoSchedule feature image logo is trademark CoSchedule.com.



  1. Taylor @ CoSchedule

    Thanks for writing this awesome review of CoSchedule! We appreciate it!

    • FullCustodyDad


      absolutely love your product. It has made me a better and more productive blogger. Tell your programmers, thank you for me personally!

  2. Josh

    Looks pretty cool Fred, I’ll have to check it out. I’ve start a blog but haven’t yet written more than one or two posts.


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