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[A]ttorneys may choose to be listed in our directory. We list attorneys on our website by city area. Recommending attorneys is the most common question we receive among our parent readers. We want to provide our followers with lawyers who sincerely want to see dads have fair representation as they seek time and/or custody of their children. We have four listings available per city area. To be listed in our directory requires you to buy an ad somewhere on our site. Ads can be as cheap at $13 a month or as expensive as a permenant $250 (in a post). Other organizations may also buy ads, but only attorneys will receive the additional free listing by city. Once you purchase and pay for a listing, please then scroll to the bottom and if you are an attorney fill out the listing form.

Attorney 768×60 and 300×250 Page Ads

If you are interested in more than one advertising space on this site please let us know in the contact form otherwise you can buy direct below.

Example of a 468x60 Banner Ad on https://www.daddygotcustody.comExample of 300x250 Sidebar Ad on

This 468×60 banner ad appears on the top right of most pages and can be embedded as a one-time blog sponsor ad as well. The 300×250 sidebar ad can appear on any page but is NOT available as a one-time blog sponsor. The cost for either of these ads:

  • $50/a mo=$150/qtr on the Front Page,

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  • $47/a mo=$141/qtr on the Blog Page,

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  • $45/a mo=$135/qtr on any one of the Category Pages, posts or pages,

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  • $43/a mo=$129/qtr on the State Pages,

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  • $40/a mo=$120/qtr on the Region Pages,

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  • $35/a mo=$105/qtr on the City Pages,

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All of the above ads require a three month minimum purchase, and will be quarterly billing unless you notify us before the next quarter.

One-Time Forever In Post Ad

Finally a $97.97 one-time fee option to sponsor any blog post with a 468×70 ad in the post page. NOTE: Blog post pages will be embedded in the post or new posts which goes out to all blog subscribers. This is a forever listing/link and there will only be one ad per blog post. For an examplesclick here.

Example of a 468x60 Banner Ad on

One Time Blog Post Ad
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Small 125×125 Attorney Ads

Example of a 125x125 Sidebar Ad on

This 125×125 sidebar ad can appear on any page. The cost for these ads are:

Again all ads require a three month minimum. Prices subject to change without notice and usually increase annually. Revised 09/2015.

If you have purchased advertising and are an attorney, please fill out this form for your additional free listing.

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