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How Dads Can Save Money Before Their Divorce

If you think your marriage could be heading to a close, then you should start preparing for the worst. This is usually something you can just sense. You’re not just not talking to each other, you’re physically not acknowledging each other in the household and when the talk turns to money, both of you seem to feel like the other is hiding something from them.

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5 Alternatives To Online Dating

Online dating isn’t for everyone. You may find the whole process of swiping left and right shallow or you may find yourself getting depressed by the constant rejection every time you message someone and get no reply. You may find it way too addictive or you may struggle to make time for it. Whatever your reason for not getting on with online dating, there are plenty of other options to explore.

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Don’t Nice Your Way Out Of Happiness

It’s unfortunate when relationships come to an end and even more so when marriages fall apart. As a husband, you may be wondering what kind of deal you will get if you were to take the plunge and start divorce proceedings. The sad reality is, it’s going to be raw. That is of course if you were to take the proper measures that will ensure you will get a fair hearing.

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