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DGC 011 – 06/24/2018 Winning, Losing, & Modifying Custody After the Final

Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad, discusses winning and losing custody, contempts, modification and the reality of gaining custody after the final. In this episode, Fred is going to recommend six elements your attorney needs to do when you win custody, four elements that need to be done if you lose custody, an open discussion about contempts and enforcement, and finally a detailed and story discussion about custody after the final.

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DGC 008 – 06/03/18 Temporary Orders & Child Support

A temporary orders hearing is often like a mini-trial or a preview of what the final trial will look like. The attorneys present arguments, examine witnesses, and present evidence before the judge. This gives the Judge an idea of the temporary issues at hand that need to be decided. These Orders are temporary and generally designed to maintain the parties’ status quo until the case is finalized.

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