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If Custody Goes to the Better Parent, What Makes One?

Getting divorced with kids is usually a sad state of affairs. Who should be the primary custodian if all things are equal in a divorce? Left up to the courts, there is really no such thing as shared equal custody. And in my opinion, equal custody isn’t a practical or logistical solution anyway. Judges and case workers tend to agree…

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Statistical Update: Single Fathers on the Rise

Single fathers used to be an anomaly. With small numbers, all of which meant you had few resources, no place to turn for solace, or for counsel. But how many of you now actually exist? How many *‘friends’* or at least single dad colleagues are out there now? How much have the numbers grown? And who are you?

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If You Vote, You Probably Save Postal Jobs

It’s that special time of the year when I feel loved. My voicemail and my snail mail boxes swell with heart felt messages. No I am not talking about the holiday season…yet. It is time to vote! Yes it is that fabulous time when you know your house phone works because all you get is very nice “robo calls.”.

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