3 Reasons to Get Your Kids Involved in Martial Arts

written by Fred Campos

[A]s a parent, knowing what kind of hobbies and activities to involve your young children in, is bound to be a major preoccupation of yours.

After all, there’s ample evidence to suggest that the kind of activities children engage in on a regular basis, have a powerful effect in shaping the kind of people they will later become, whether by instilling productive values at a young age or laying the foundations for positive habit pathways.

If your relationship with your child’s mother has broken down, and you’ve had to involve a divorce lawyer, it’s even more crucial to give your child a solid grounding and help them return to a sense of order and normality.

For all of the above reasons, involving your kids in a productive activity or pastime can be essential. Here are some reasons why martial arts may be one of the best of such pastimes.

Martial Arts Help a Child Develop a Sense of Pride and Confidence

Kids are quite like adults in some ways, and just as we thrive from feeling that we’ve progressed towards a goal, and become stronger, wiser, or more resilient, so too do children benefit immensely from such feelings.

Martial arts classes can be fantastic for developing a child’s sense of pride and confidence. Firstly, because they are learning to defend themselves and stand up tall, which naturally enhances their own belief in their ability to face the world head-on. Secondly, because martial arts, traditionally, create an environment where kids progressively learn new skills, grade up, and feel as though they are really achieving something.

If your child lacks confidence or pride, especially, martial arts can be a godsend.

Martial Arts Offer a Controlled Outlet for Frustrations

Just like the rest of us, children are prone to frustration, anger, confusion, and any number of negative pent up emotions.

Rather than allowing them to sit around moping and wallowing in their negativity, or else instigating playground conflicts as a way of venting their frustrations, martial arts classes give them a safe and controlled outlet for those emotions.

After getting some good exercise and practicing some kicks and judo throws, your child is likely to have burned off a lot of their pent-up aggressive, or anxious energy.

Martial Arts Develop Self-Discipline and Delayed Gratification

It’s often said that a person’s capacity for delayed gratification correlates extremely well with their overall likelihood of being successful in life.

Martial arts are one of the best ways of teaching your child the value of delayed gratification. The entire structure of many martial arts classes revolves, explicitly, around working hard now in order to rise up the ranks tomorrow.

If your child has a tendency towards compulsive behavior, there’s a good chance that having them train in a traditional martial art — with the incentive of working to achieve their next belt — could help move their entire focus in a more positive direction.

What’s been your child’s experience with martial arts?

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