Five Tips for a Florida Fun In The Sun Vacation

written by Fred Campos
Florida Fun in the Sun

[A]s far as family holiday destinations are concerned, Florida is easily one of the most attractive out there. The Golden State attracts millions of American visitors and an even greater number of international guests for fun in the sun each year. With miles of beaches and plenty of family attractions along the east coast, it’s hardly any wonder.

If you’re going to take the family to Florida, though, you want to ensure that you do it in style. Here are five simple tricks to ensure that it lives up to the billing.

Fun in the Sun Tip #1: Location, Location, Location

The quality of accommodation throughout the Golden State is of a particularly high standard. However, it’s not only the luxury and privacy that needs to be considered. Nobody wants to spend their days traveling to the various destinations, especially with kids. Marriott’s Legends Edge at Bay Point brings comfort and practicality to the table. This gives you the perfect foundation for building the perfect trip. Its influence should extend to many different aspects.

Stay at a Fun in the Sun Hotel

Image Source: A little luxury goes a long way

Tip #2: Travel In Style

Before even reaching Florida’s beautiful beaches, the journey can either make or break your adventure. Surviving long flights with kids is one of the biggest challenges that you’ll ever face as parents. Get through this and rent a car at the other end for comfortable road trips for great results. Aside from being fantastic for the kids, it’ll go a long way to fighting off the stress from your perspective. This should allow you to have immense fun in the sun.

Fun in the Sun Tip #3: Do A Day At Disney

Orlando is home to several stunning amusement parks, but kids of all ages are most eager to see Mickey and Co. Disney World Ticket Booking makes it easy to organize the trip in advance. Skipping the entrance lines and saving valuable time should allow you to make the most of your excursion. Moreover, most of the hotels in the area can point you in the right direction for a group tour. Alternatively, you can always make your own way there. The kids will love it.

Fun in the Sun Disney

Image Source: Mickey and Co. will leave the kids smiling

Tip #4: Consider The Autumn

There are plenty of reasons for the summer peak. However, visiting Florida in the Autumn season can be half as expensive and twice as enjoyable. There are fewer crowds to contend with while the weather is pleasant rather than roasting. Those factors can make life far more comfortable for the family, which should not be overlooked. After all, there will be minimal enjoyment if the family is forced to sit inside with sunburn. If it’s possible to work it around school, autumn is cool.

Fun in the Sun Tip #5: Pace Yourselves

Florida is such an exciting place to visit. From the beaches of Miami and Panama City to the theme parks and sporting events, there are many things to see and do. However, rushing into the entertainment could result in premature burnout. Take a day to relax on the beach or play in the pool. After all, recharging the batteries is still a key aspect of any holiday. Stay fresh throughout the entire stay, and you’ll be sure to create some truly magical memories.

What advice would you add?

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