DGC 007 – 05/26/18 The Matrix: Custody Evaluators, Evidence & Depositions

written by Fred Campos

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[F]red Campos, @FullCustodyDad on Twitter, discusses three elements to prepare ahead of time for your final court appears. Preparing for the Custody Evaluations, How to Prepare Evidence, and finally How to Prepare and Use Depositions in Court.

Social Studies, or Custody Evaluations need to be prepared for in advance, from filling out the paperwork to staging your house, plan ahead and take it seriously.

The bulk of evidence is your job. From preparing witnesses, charts, calendars, and photo albums, Fred walks you through the process.

Finally, preparing and executing a deposition. How to survive one and how to use it in court. Success favors the prepared parent, be that parent!

What You’ll Learn – How to Prepare for Social Studies, Evidence & Depositions for Court

  • Why a Final Court Hearing is Like the Matrix
  • How to Prepare for a Social Study/Custody Evaluation
  • What is a Child Custody Social Study?
  • What are the Main Pieces of Evidence & How to Prepare Them for Your Case
  • What is a Deposition? How and Why to Use Them in Court

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