Dealing With A Break-Up In A Healthy Way

written by Fred Campos
Dealing with a Break-Up

There are no two ways about it. Break-ups can be intense, complicated, and leave you feeling lost. And while you won’t feel better overnight, there are a number of things that you can do to help you feel better. Below are some suggestions for dealing with a break-up in a healthy way.

Dealing with a Break-up: Communication

If you are still on good terms with your Ex, then you might be in a great position to talk about things like dividing the assets, child custody, and everything else a break-up will require. However, if you are finding that it isn’t working out that the two of you can talk, then it might be best left to your lawyers to go over the details.


One of the hardest things to get when you are in the middle of a break-up is perspective. Everyone who knows you and your Ex will have an opinion of what should happen, who has the blame, and it can get ugly very quickly. You will do much better instead of talking to a therapist or seek out a divorce coach. People that are trained to help you manage the situation in the most healthy way possible. They are non-judgmental parties that can listen when you need to most.

Dealing with a Break-Up: Fill Your Time

There are going to be more hours in the day than you are used to. It is always surprising to see just how many hours you spent with your Ex. If you have a streaming service, then now is the ideal time to catch up on all of the series that you have been missing out on. While this is a little bit of a distraction, it will give you space to switch off for a little while.


After you have galavanted your way through the movies and series that you wanted to see, you might want to have a think about some hobbies that you want to do. This is useful for a few reasons. You get to learn something new, do something creative with, fill up any excessive time you have, and if you choose to go to classes, then you can meet new people too. A change of scenery is essential.

Dealing with a Break-Up: Impulsiveness

One of the biggest issues, when you get a shock in life, is the instinct to act out. This might be sending inappropriate texts, having a new relationship immediately to fill the space or late-night phone calls. If you can recognize those feelings, then you can stop yourself doing something that you might regret later on.


We can all be better and do better. And now you have the opportunity to do it for yourself, just for you and because you want to. And that is a powerful thing. Choosing to move forward and how you do it. Looking at where you want to improve – perhaps your work, or your diet, or it might just be the fact that you are stuck in a rut and want to try something new. You have the chance to do some great personal development.

In closing, dealing with a break-up is hard. How you choose to handle it launches you into the next phase of life. So many people get stuck and spend way too much time moping through it. Reach out to your community. Consider the above steps, and remember to keep moving forward.

What is your method of dealing with a break-up? What would you suggest?

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