Are You The Best Role Model You Could Be For Your Kids?

written by Fred Campos
The Best Role Model for Your Kids.

One of our most important tasks in parenting is to be a great role model for our children. If kids have been through a tough time, such as parental divorce, this becomes more crucial than ever. They need to know that they have our love but they also need our guidance in uncertain times. Learning to keep your own emotions and biases out of the picture, focus on what your children need from you, and model positive habits and behavior are vital. How you are as a Dad shapes their view of the world and the type of adult they will become. But of course, there’s no manual handed out when you become a parent- so how do you make the right moves – for your kids?

Focus On Healthy Living – for Your Kids

Making sure that you pay attention to your own physical and mental health and wellbeing not only allows you to be the best father that you can, it also teaches your kids a huge amount about how to lead a healthy lifestyle that will benefit them huge amounts. Pay attention to eating a balanced and nutritious diet full of home-cooked foods, and letting your kids see you take a regular workout routine. It could be time to finally address those bad habits too – maybe think twice before placing that order at Florida Tobacco Shop or staying up on a Netflix binge rather than getting an early night. You may think that your kids are too young to notice, but actually they are remarkably perceptive and will notice much more than you think. Teach your kids about moderation and healthy habits and you will have given them a gift for life.

Connect To Your Community

Giving your kids a wider sense of purpose is also incredibly important, so another great behavior to model is giving back. Whether it’s finding a volunteering opportunity, checking in regularly with an elderly relative or helping out a neighbor, show your kids the importance of giving back to the community that you live in. Teaching the values of kindness and respect for our neighbors will help to build them into caring adults with a sense of purpose.

Show A Positive Attitude – for Your Kids

They say that perception is reality, so a lot of how we experience life is down to our mental attitude. If we can see the best even in a bad situation, we’ll lead much happier and more fulfilling lives. Of course, no-one can control challenging situations happening in their life, but if you give your children the tools to face adversity and see the opportunity in a situation, you’ll be equipping them to be winners in life, no matter what happens to them. It’s not enough to tell them these things  – you have to adjust your own mindset and model the positive behaviors that you want to see in them.

Having children and striving to be a good parent is a journey that can benefit you as much as it can your kids – so start setting some intentions today and you’re likely to find that the whole family benefits.

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