Single Dads, Make Time for Yourself

written by Fred Campos
Single Dads, Make Time for Yourself

It’s tough as any single parent. You feel like you have to make up for time. To apologize in a way for breaking your family up, even if it wasn’t your fault. It’s really hard to find time for yourself, especially if you’re in any kind of financial stress. But it’s important. You’re not going to be a brilliant Dad if you’re struggling with mental health issues or feel like the worlds closing in around you. You have to make time for yourself. There are a myriad of ways you can do this. Some are harder than others, but each is worth your consideration. The truth is that everyone’s different and no situation is the same. You have to ensure that you analyze your own situation before jumping at a tip you think will work. By considering the options available coupled with your own situation is the only method of finding the best time for yourself.

Make Sure The Split Is Smooth

This isn’t always in your control. Where it is, try to ensure it is as smooth as possible. This way, you can divert less time arguing and trying to get a fair deal and more time to heal. If it comes to it, make sure you approach someone who has a great handle on Divorce Law, but for the main, you want to be avoiding getting into that kind of situation. If the split is smooth then you should be sharing custody and have more time for yourself. Taking time for yourself over a split is vital.

Make Time for Yourself – Cling On To Your Hobbies

Sometimes the easy option can appear to be ceasing to take part in loved hobbies. It isn’t the right move. Sure, you might have to dial it back a little bit, but you won’t have to completely give them up. Even if you end up with sole custody you can still cling onto them. They’re a vital part of you who are. No matter how much time you need to make, try to make time for your hobbies.

Reassess Your Work Life

This all depends on the relevant situation. For example, if you get sole custody and are receiving payments from your Ex-partner you could drop some hours in work, thereby making more time for yourself and giving you the hours you need to be a great parent. If you can’t drop the hours, you could consider changing the kind of work you do. Something that makes you a little less tired. Less sleep means more time for yourself, the only way you can succeed with less sleep is if you aren’t getting as tired throughout the day. It’s certainly doable, but you need to check it out thoroughly.

Make Time for Yourself – Cut Out The Monotonous Chores

Hate doing the grocery shopping? Do it online. You can order the same stuff each week, meaning you only have to order once and if you feel like mixing something up just log on and amend your order. If you’ve got the spare funds, consider hiring someone to cut the grass for you. Or to give your home a clean.

For more resources listen to our podcast or take our course. What additional advise would you add in making time for yourself?

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