Life in a relationship isn’t ever as easy as you think it should be. It’s no wonder that so many relationships break down. Ultimately, everybody changes and sometimes we don’t both change at the same time. Right now, you’re still smarting from all the legal wrangles and custody battles. Why did it have to get so nasty? Time doesn’t always heal those wounds. Of course, one thing that’s sure to open them right up again is your Ex moving on with a new partner.

Just like your relationship with your Ex evolved, and you become closer, it seems this new relationship is heading along the same path. This is when panic starts to set in because your kids are about to become part of a new family. Perhaps this new partner has kids too, and they’re all going to live happily together. So what can you do if they choose to move away from your hometown?

Coping with a New Stepparent

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Coping When Your Ex’s Partner Becomes Your Child’s Step Parent – Feeling Left Out?

It can feel completely isolating when your Ex remarries. You feel like you’re missing out on family memories because you don’t belong in them. This is so tough because they’re your kids. And if your kids are about to be moved away from you, you need to act. Experts in family law work in cases like this all the time, so they should be your first port of call. Get advice, know your rights, then find a way to make the situation a little more compromising.

It’s really hard to know someone you don’t like is now contributing to the parenting of your children. It might even feel like it’s reducing your parenting input by half. It’s worth taking a step back and considering why you dislike this new partner so much. Chances are, much of it is made up of jealousy. Some of it might be down to a feeling of loss from the original relationship. And if you haven’t moved on yet yourself, you might be feeling pretty down on yourself too.

Coping When Your Ex’s Partner Becomes Your Child’s Step Parent – Changes

If you can forge a good working relationship with your children’s stepparent, then you will feel more confident that they are a good role model for your kids. They’ll never take your role from you or make you any less loved by your children. If you work together, you might even find you have strength in numbers. This new partner is likely to have to take and make parenting decision when they are alone with the kids. You’ve got to feel confident that your rules are their rules.

It’s not easy to parent under any circumstances. But when you feel pushed out of your role, it can make parenting even tougher. Use the legal system to ensure you and the kids are fully protected. Make a go of improving the relationship you have with your Ex and their new partner. Most importantly? Keep your cool when things don’t go the way you think they ought to. You’re still number one in your kids’ eyes.

How did you cope when your Ex remarried?

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