A lot of babies love the car and the motion sends them straight off to sleep. However, if you are traveling with babies on a long drive, you might need some tips to help you get through the trip as painlessly as possible.

Babies will probably sleep through the trip, they might wake up halfway and get grouchy about being stuck in their seat. Plan for added extra time so that you can safely pull over at rest stops to give them the attention they need before setting off again.

Get the Right Car Seat

Baby car seats are designed specifically for babies in mind. This means that as they grow, they will need a series of car seats specific for their age group to make sure that they are traveling as safely as possible. You also need to make sure that you install the seat properly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The issue of car seats came up in my final court order. Therefore it is important to make sure you have the right sized car seat and have it installed properly.

There are all sorts of different styles you can choose from and but if you are looking for something light and adaptable for a stroller, a Bo Bebe car seat is a good place to start. Once the baby is comfortable and settled in, she will go right to sleep without a problem. Plus if the car seat is easy to remove, you won’t have to wake her when you arrive at your destination, just keep her in the seat!

Traveling with Babies – Bring Entertainment

Like us, babies get bored on long car trips but where we might be happy for an hour-long jaunt looking out of the window, they will need something a little more stimulating to play with. Take a bag of different small toys and give them one at a time to hold and play with. By dealing out their toys like this, you can constantly give them new things to do and look at without running out.

Obviously, if it’s just you and baby in the car, you will need to pull over before you start changing up the toys and presenting new entertainment. Don’t reach back while you are still driving!

You could also try putting on a favorite story or calm music to keep your baby happy. This might test your own sanity after a while, but if they are quiet and relaxed, it can only be a good thing. And, once they are asleep, you can switch to your own techno playlist without them realizing.

Feeding Time

If there is one thing that makes babies feel sleepy, it’s a full tummy. As a parent, you really do need to take advantage of this – especially if you are planning a longer trip! If possible do try to keep baby on her schedule. And try to time a feed just before you put them in the car seat. This way, they will already to be primed to nod off and the motion of the car should be all they need to sleep.

Lots of babies are happy travelers and with a travel strategy, you will quickly fall into a great routine with them that keeps everyone in a good mood.

What tips would you add regarding traveling with babies?

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