[I] want to share with you how I won custody of my daughter and how I believe following these procedures could greatly help you in your custody case.

For years now it has been my passion to meet with parents on court strategies to help them win custody. While I still love meeting with parents, there is only so many people I can meet with one-on-one. And this is why I am developing this course I am so excited to tell you about today.

Why Me in the How to Win Custody of Your Kids Course

When my daughter turned four, I became the primary custodian and have had primary custody ever since. In 2009, I organized the elements that caused me to win custody and hit the road offering live training events in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston. At which time, I got to meet parents face-to-face who were struggling through their own custody cases. I offered non-legal advice and training on how to pick an attorney, organize your case, and adjusting your life for winning custody.

I have come to realize that I have the ability and knowledge to help others and am currently in the process of putting together a course that works well for the parent. Here is an outline overview of the videos and online presentations:

How to Win Custody of Your Kids Course

Module 1 – How to Win Custody of Your Kids

1) Introduction and What the Course Covers
2) Let’s Discuss Custody.
3) Court Filings and Procedures 101.
4) Your Advocate, Your Attorney.

Module 2 – Life Changes for Custody

1) Time Changes with Your Kids.
2) Your Educational Parental Involvement.
3) Home Life Changes You Need to Make.
4) Your New Personal Life 2.0.
5) A Post Relationship Look at Your Health.

Module 3 – Organized Exhibits for Custody

1) Letters and Correspondence for Court.
2) Calendar Tracking for Court.
3) Flip Charts and Recordings for Court.
4) Photo Albums, the Secret Weapon for Court.

Module 4 – Your Court Proceedings

1) Court Witnesses Needed for Trial.
2) Organizing a Well Run Custody Case.
3) Pre-Final Run Through.
4) Your Custody Days in Court.
5) Life After Final Orders.


Want to know more? Sign up using the form below and keep you updated on my progress. The plan is to release this course on June 8th, 2015. I look forward helping you in your winning custody kit course!

Fred Campos