[S]o a few days ago, I mentioned we have returned to television watching, after a five year fast of being a television free home. (You can read “Television Free for Years Now I Watch Everybody Loves Raymond”.) What I didn’t tell you is why we opted to NOT do cable or a satellite. After a little research we decided to consider Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime: We Tend to Watch Very Little Live TV

As a geeky family coming off five years of being television free, we are already in the routine of using output devices mainly to watch DVDs and movies. My wife gets most of her news off her iPhone and as a true pure geek, I don’t follow or understand any sports.

Amazon Prime: We are Monitors of Our Kids’s Input

As my 16 year old daughter would tell you, we are the “mafia parents.” I truly believe she was the last teenager in her school to get an smart phone. Now that she has one, we big brother monitor every text, picture, connection and activity she conducts on her phone. As you would expect, we want to have that same kind of control on our television.

[blockquote author=”FullCustodyDad”]Amazon Prime offer superb parental controls on all devices from which movies and television utilize Amazon Prime. My kids have to ask to watch any non G rated movie or show. I have a simple override code that I can key in when needed.[/blockquote]

Amazon Prime: We Already Were Using Amazon.com

With the except of Black Friday, I was already a big Amazon shopper. When Daniel was born, I signed SuperParentMom up for Amazon Mom for baby needs. I have been very pleased with my experiences on Amazon, so Amazon Prime was a logical step.

Amazon Prime: We Tend to Be a Laptop & Mobile Family

As a computer coder, web developer and all around geek, my family tends to have access to laptops, smart phones, Kindles and other varies electronic devices. Lots of them. I needed a solution that would allow television and movie watch to be seen on those devices as well as the one flat screen in our living room.

Amazon Prime: It’s Cheap, One Fee Per Year

It is cheap, with only one fee. I can try it out for a year and turn it off easily if I elect I don’t want to renew. It didn’t require a special box or someone to run wires around my house or install a satellite dish. For our family, it offered tons of kids programs and just enough shows and movies to completely derail a well oiled family.

And that is of course the prime reason to get Amazon Prime.

What are your reasons or thoughts on Amazon Prime?