[A]s a parent, there is that special moment in your kids’ life when you are out sleeping under the stars. Maybe in a tent, your family put together. Around a fire that you built. Roasting those gooey marshmallows on a stick you found hiking in the woods. Camping provides a bonding experiencing that only nature in all her cricket chirping glory can provide.

My Failed Nerd Bonding of the Camping Kind

I should have known what I was getting into, when SuperParentMom suggested that me and Codeman should get involved in Webelos. Me and the boy had never considered Cub Scouts and I think SuperParentMom was worried we weren’t having enough nerd/son bonding time. I faithful took Zachary to the Webelos meetings. I sat in the back coding websites quietly, while he learned how to tie knots and start fires. I burned, I mean ironed, badges and helped chiseled his block of wood, with four wheels on it, for the derby races.

But now we were on our first camping trip and it wasn’t going well. It was cold, wet, and dark. After spending hours putting up a borrowed tent, surrounded by “gun ho” parents who looked like they were having the time of their lives, Codeman asked me, “Can we sleep in the car, dad?”

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God Stepped In, Blame It on the Rain

Bonding During Failed Camping Trip

No sooner than he said that, it began to rain. Not just a little rain, a deluge! It was a sign from God telling me to pack it up and go home. Freezing and huddling with my son in my car, I was disappointed knowing my grandeur idea of roasting marshmallows by an outdoor fire wasn’t going to happen. It was in that moment that finally I realized, “It doesn’t have to be an out-of-this-world life experience to create a bonding moments with your kids.”

God must of heard me because the rain stop. I decided to stand tall and be the father Codeman wanted me to be. I declared, “Pack it up Zachary, we’re going home to Momma! To the land of electricity, heaters, WiFi, gas fireplaces, and a laptop and every lap.” I never seen Codeman so happy. We packed, said our goodbyes to our troop, and left.

Who Needs Camping to Bond?

Marshmallows Over a Controlled…Fireplace

On the drive home we talked and thanked God for indoor plumbing, smart phones, internet access and microwaves. It was a truly a “bonding moment.” After a hot shower, a laptop charge, and an hour on MineCraft, I turned the key on our gas fireplace. SuperParentMom passed out graham crackers and marshmallows. It was a shared moment.

Later I would go on to quit and not renew our Webelos and Boy Scouts involvement. I took the road well-traveled and bonding has been the better for it!

What parenting moments have you tried to force, only to have them fail? What is the worst experience you have had with your kids?

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