[I] have three kids. They range in age from 16, 11, and 5 years of age. They each have their own personality, interest and needs. I am in a great marriage with SuperParentMom, but even on the best of days, it can be stressful. Life, kids, work, kids, marriage, kids, finances and kids can get in the way. Did I mention kids?

In most marriages, moms spend more time taking care of the kids than any other adult. When the kids are young, it is very important that you take your wife out on date nights, and quarterly spend time away from the kids.

But we’re not talking about marriage building.

Your wife is talking divorce. Maybe she has just served you paperwork. She is totally stressed out. She doesn’t want to live with you any more.

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She Suggests Divorce? You Suggest a Time Away Trip

You go fishing sometimes with your buddies. Occasionally you hang out with co-workers at a conference. When was the last time your wife got away without the kids? When was the last time she visited her parents, or took a fun trip with girlfriends?

Is the Problem Money and Child Care?

You might be thinking, “Fred, we don’t have the money to send her on a week-long trip. And… What about the kids?” That may be true, but this is different. It will cost you far less in divorce attorneys than it will in traveling cost.

  • Offer to watch the kids.
  • Take a week off from work and cover for her.
  • Suggest that she take some time away and visit mom.
  • Give her a week in a fancy hotel down the street.
  • Give her a gift certificate to her favorite spa or nail salon.
  • Give her some time away from everything to think about your marriage.

During stressful times people need time away to think. I am not suggesting this one-act will turn her around, but have you offered to at least give her a break? It might be the break she needs to stop your divorce.

How have breaks or separations help your marriage? What else would you recommend when faced with a divorce?

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