Using Protective Orders to Prevent Domestic Violence

written by Fred Campos

[T]roubled Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, recently arrested on drug possession charges in his hometown of Wichita Kansas, has had protective order filed against him by his former girlfriend, Dalia Jacobs, with whom he has had a child.

Jacobs’ move is unusual, but does fall under the jurisdiction of a protective order.

What is a Protective Order?

According to, a protective order is most often used against a party or witness from unreasonable or invasive discovery requests, such as harassing questions during a deposition or unnecessary medical examination.

However, using protective orders can be used to prohibit or prevent domestic violence.

Jacobs says the incident occurred on the same day of Randle’s arrest on marijuana possession. Jacobs says Randle became upset and “smashed the passenger window of her car with his fist causing glass to shatter across my friend and my (their) child.”

Using Protective orders to Prevent Domestic Violence by Fred CamposIn the order, Jacobs claim Randle, “Retrieved a handgun… pointed the gun at my friend in the vehicle…”

Jacobs says the police didn’t find a gun when they responded because one of Randle’s friends drove off with it. Police confirmed there were told of the gun, but they never found it.

In the protective order, Jacobs claimed that Randle has a violent temper and angers quickly. She said, “I am frightened he will do something to harm me and my child.” The hearing is set for March 12. Read more here.

It’s not Randle’s first run-in with the law. Last October, he was charged with a class B misdemeanor when he stole underwear and cologne from a North Texas Department store. He spent a few hours in jail and was released.

Use Protective Orders to Prevent Domestic Violence

While you are unlikely to find yourself in a predicament as serious at the one between Randle and Jacobs, some parents can become irrational, especially when the custody of their child is at stake.

If you find yourself in such a potentially dangerous situation, know your options, they vary from state to state, and take the appropriate action.

How have you seen protective orders used, both good and bad?

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