My Geeky Valentine’s Idea…House of Cards Marathon?

written by Fred Campos
My Geeky Valentines Idea House of Cards Marathon

[I] have a confession to make. I am going to share my deepest darkest sin in my life. One I would deny publicly and never want my kids to know. Ready?

I am secretly in love and am addicted to Netflix’s House of Cards.

Television Free for YearsI know, I know. It’s a non-geeky show that is certainly not Christian, without a doubt rated R, and bad use of my time. But I love this show! So you have to cut me a tiny bit of grace. When Netflix first announce they were going to release Season 3 on Valentine’s Day, I thought my marriage might be in trouble as I planned to take a “feel good” day off work and have a House of Cards Marathon on season three.

Alas, the higher ups at Netflix must have gotten yelled at by their wives too, so they moved the release date to February 27th.

So to make up for not watching television for five years, I play to blog and binge on Season Three starting at 5a tomorrow.

So feel free to join in, comment, or follow my live feelings about the show on Twitter using @Fred24Live.

Here is roughly my schedule, I will be blogging and tweeting as much as I can, for as much as SuperParentMom lets me.

Click to Season 3 Preview if above video not present.

Fred’s House of Cards Season 3 Watching 02/27/2015

* Chapter 27, Episode 01 – Doug Stamper Lives (& his back story)
* Chapter 28, Episode 02 – Frank Underwood Decides No Re-Election
* Chapter 29, Episode 03 – Russian President Viktor Petrov
* Chapter 30, Episode 04 – Ear of God
* Chapter 31, Episode 05 – War on Congress
* Chapter 32, Episode 06 – The Russian Debacle
* Chapter 33, Episode 07 – The Presidential Marriage
* Chapter 34, Episode 08 – Hurricane Frank
* Chapter 35, Episode 09 – Innocence Lost
* Chapter 36, Episode 10
* Chapter 37, Episode 11
* Chapter 38, Episode 12
* Chapter 39, Episode 13

What are your thoughts on the series?




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