High-Profile Troubles Continue For Deion and Pilar

written by Fred Campos

[E]ven after a divorce is finalized, a warring couple can continue to battle. We visited Deion and Pilar Sanders when they were finalizing their break-up, but their conflicts continue.

High-Profile Troubles Continue For Deion and Pilar

Even though they finalized their divorce in 2013, the legal woes continue between former Dallas Cowboy and NFL Hall-of-Famer Deion Sanders and his ex-wife, Pilar.

Pilar Sanders recently filed a lawsuit in Dallas County seeking damages from her Ex-husband because she says his legal maneuvers have caused her emotional distress, embarrassment and what she says was an unfair stint in jail.

Jail Time for Pilar for Not Following the Court Order

A judge threw her in jail for violating the custody agreement for the couple’s three children. She objected to the punishment, claiming she was not subject to US law, citing her Moroccan heritage. At one point, Deion had Pilar thrown out of their Texas mansion.

In the lawsuit filed Aug. 26, Pilar Sanders alleges that her Ex-husband gave false testimony that led to a judge to find her in contempt of court, sentence her to seven days in jail and put her on a one-year probation.

Her other allegations include that Deion Sanders lied about when he had rights to their children, disobeyed a judge’s order to pay her a nearly $1 million judgment and used the judicial system and the Internet to destroy her image, freedom of speech and access to her children.

Even After Divorce, Problems Still Continue

Her suit is the latest development in a lengthy legal battle that has the wake of their divorce, which included Deion Sanders filing a defamation lawsuit against Pilar Sanders in 2014.

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While the Sanders’ story exceeds the boundaries of most divorces, it does show how litigious, expensive, time-consuming, embarrassing and emotionally draining a divorce can be.

Have you had problems with your Ex after final orders? Tell me how you did or didn’t deal with those issues.

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  1. billy

    absolutely serves her right. i wish more judges ruled in favor of men and actually did something to women who don’t do the right thing. men get a bad wrap but there is jsut as many ladies out there being mean too. do u think dion gets justice by being a celbrity?

    • FullCustodyDad


      thanks for commenting. We don’t always know all the facts about celebrity cases we read about. Do I think men get a bad rap in court? Maybe. A few bad apple men do seem to make the news, and yes I do see some gender bias in family court. But I do have some good news, I am seeing more equality in regards to custody now, then when I first enter the system (back in 1999). I think as years go by we are continuing to see judges who view both parents as equally capable to be the custodial parents. Have we arrived… no. Is the system perfect, absolutely not. We need to keep pressing for equality and brain storming ideas that offer less PAS, less child interruption, encourage more settled means than low and draw out court battles.

      Hang in there!


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