My Favorite Top 100 Family Board Games

written by Fred Campos
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As we have been home practicing “social distancing” this past month, my family has been playing a different board games each night. As parents of three kids, we have over 100 different types of board games we have played throughout their lives. We have played every kind of family game imaginable from the simplest Candy Land to the hardest Trivia Pursuit. So often we recommend and even loan out different games to friends and family. So today I have made a list of my favorite top 100 family board games we have played with the kids.  Enjoy!

My Top Family Board Games for Under Seven Years Old

There is so much joy in playing with your kids. I believe a ton of good conversation from counting to color recognition, from taking turns to learning how to lose gracefully. Here is a short list of games my kids loved from ages two to seven.

  1. Candy Land
  2. Chutes and Ladders
  3. Connect Four
  4. Cootie
  5. Don’t Break the Ice
  6. Feed the Woozle
  7. Fish Game
  8. Guess Who?
  9. Hi Ho Cherry-O
  10. Hoot Owl Hoot!
  11. Hungry Hungry Hippos
  12. Jenga
  13. Kerplunk
  14. Memory Game
  15. Mouse Trap
  16. Old Maid
  17. Operation
  18. Othello
  19. Pay Day
  20. Pick Up Sticks
  21. The LadyBug Game
  22. Trouble
  23. Twister
  24. Who Shook Hook?
  25. Whoonu
  26. Zingo!

My Top Family Board Games for Ages Seven through 14

I believe kids of all ages can learn to play just about any game. Especially if their parents show interest and want to teach them. The difference between games I recommend in this category verses the next has to do with the enjoyably of the child. Yes I think an eight year old can play Trivia Pursuit but I don’t think they would enjoy it as much until they are past the age of 14. Nevertheless, I digress, here are some great games to play with your pre-teen!

  1. Five Minute Dungeon
  2. Acuity
  3. Aggravation
  4. Apples to Apples
  5. Bananagrams
  6. Battleship
  7. Blokus
  8. Bubble Talk
  9. Castle Risk
  10. Checkers
  11. Chess
  12. Chinese Checkers
  13. Cir Kis
  14. Clue
  15. Diploma Dogs
  16. Disney Magic Kingdom Game
  17. Exploding Kittens
  18. Farkle
  19. Forbidden Island
  20. Fruit Ninja
  21. Harry Potter Labyrinth
  22. Hedbanz
  23. Katamino
  24. Life
  25. Mancala
  26. Mastermind
  27. Monopoly
  28. Monopoly Deal
  29. Outburst
  30. Parcheesi
  31. Patchwork
  32. Perfection
  33. Phase 10
  34. Qwirkle
  35. Reversi
  36. Risk
  37. Rolit
  38. Rook
  39. Rummikub
  40. Scattergories
  41. Sequence
  42. Set
  43. Set Cubed
  44. Settlers of Catan
  45. Shut the Box
  46. Skip Bo
  47. Sorry!
  48. Spot It
  49. Stratego
  50. Sushi Go
  51. Temple Run
  52. Tenzi
  53. Tetris Link
  54. The Allowance Game
  55. Ticket to Ride
  56. Truck Off
  57. Uno
  58. War (the card game)
  59. What’s the Matter?
  60. Yahtzee

My Favorite Board Games for Ages 14 and Beyond

By the time my kids were teenagers it became the battle of the wits. Strategy, trivia, and knowledge became the element of concentration. Again, it isn’t that we stopped playing the above games, but this group became very enjoyable.

  1. Backgammon
  2. Boggle
  3. Bridge
  4. Canasta
  5. Cranium
  6. Family Feud
  7. Forbidden Sky
  8. Guesstures
  9. Mahjong
  10. Pictionary
  11. Scrabble
  12. Taboo
  13. Trivial Pursuit
  14. Wheel of Fortune

Over the next few weeks, I am going to dive deeper into the value of all of the games listed above, the appropriate ages, the fun factor, and the learning element of each one that has played out in my family. For now, I want to leave you with these list. Go dust off some games hidden in the clothes and spend some strategic time playing with your kids!

What are your favorite games?

Images of our games stacked floor to ceiling in our living room.




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