The Unsung Heroes, the Stepmoms!

written by Fred Campos
Unsung Heroes, the Stepmom!

[T]oday is Mother’s Day. (Hi mom!) And for many mom’s across America, it is a slightly sad day. I am talking about those unsung heroes that fly under the radar…the Stepmoms! Those parental helpers and most of the time better parents who assist us dads in parenting, fighting for our kids, negotiating with the Ex, doing homework, and cooking meals in this crazy blended family thing we call… life.

Almost always, the kids are spending this weekend with Mom on Mother’s Day. So there are no children to say “Happy Mother’s Day.” to Step-Mom. Too often than not, the step-mom is just to the right of Dad’s family photos with the kids, or the one behind the camera, taking the pictures. Step-moms are usually the level-headed parents behind the scenes. Helping and sacrificing for their kids who are not technically theirs.

[tweet “Stepmoms have no legal rights and would get no visitation if something tragic happened to Dad.”]

Stepmoms are Usually the Better Parents

I’ve met hundreds of step-moms in my 18 years of helping father’s with custody. I have to say without question, more often that not, stepmoms are the better parent, more so than the children’s biological parents.

To me they are the unsung heroes. The moms who dedicates their lives to children unconditionally and without recognition or reward.

So this Mother’s Day, I raise a glass to those dedicated souls, far greater than suicide bombers, the Super Parent Moms of the world.


Tell me about a super step-mom you know.

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