[W]hether you are looking forward to or dreading the summer vacation, the fact is that it’s coming, and soon! Of course, summer doesn’t have to be fraught will stress and hassle for parents or their kids. In fact, if you stick to the advice below you will be able to have a fun-filled and successful summer that everyone will enjoy.

Summer is Coming – Expectations

First of all, it’s a great idea to lay down some expectations for your kids at the beginning of the vacation. This should include things such as how you expect them to act and behave, both at home and while out, as well as the ways that this will be rewarded. Something you can use a behavior chart like this for.

Of course, it’s essential that you also set out the consequences for poor behavior too, as well as keep them in the loop about whether you will be going away on a more extended vacation break. After all, managing their mood can be very tough if they expect two weeks in Disneyland and what you had in mind is a day at the local farm.

Outside Play

Playing outside is one of the greatest joys of summer, and if you as a dad want to get in on this, you need to make sure you are properly kitted out. Luckily, stores like John Henric are stocking practical and stylish swim shorts that will make sure you have no excuse to not get in the pool when the time comes.

Of course, you can also make the outdoor play even more exciting by organizing a water balloon fight, getting some floats for the pool, and even investing in a few water guns. Just don’t expect to stay dry for long, even if you are fully dressed!

Summer is Coming – Day Trips

Trips out are a fantastic way of breaking up the week when the kids are home from school in the summer. Of course, where you choose to visit depends on what sort of interests your little ones have.

However, the Legoland discovery centers are always a smart choice for kids of all ages, (and Dads) as who doesn’t love to play Lego?

Then for nature-loving little ones, a hike out in the country can work well, or what about a visit to a farm with animals that they can pet? You can even choose a local theme park and ride the roller coaster together, something that will create beautiful memories for you and the kids to treasure.

Saving Money

Lastly, don’t worry too much about overspending during the summer breaks either. The reason being that you can do a lot so fun activities at home and in your own backyard that won’t cost the earth.  In fact, why not try making some homemade slime with the kids like they do in the video below?

Alternatively, you can set them a project to work through, such a creating a nature table or making a video on their phone about a specific place or point in history. An activity that can keep them out of mischief all summer long!