Mark This Time as Special Time With Your Kids

written by Fred Campos
Special Time with Your Kids

Its been 22 days. Longer than any vacation. Certainly longer than any break. Longer than I can remember. Sure the kids have been off on summers before, but they were filled with activities, church, band camps, you name it. Furthermore, I’ve take a couple weeks of vacation but I have never been home, and only home, for such a long period of time. For us adults, it could be considered a drag. But for most kids, its the longest they have probably been home with you in quite some time. Perhaps it’s time, to mark this time, as special time with your kids.

Even if you have equal custody or shared parenting, there will probably never in your life be this much time spent at home with your kids. Think about it, most of the time you are working outside of the home, your kids are rushing to a birthday parties or baseball games. But right now, right this second in April of 2020, everybody is home. Nobody is in school, and hopefully you are working from home as well.

So what do you do with this shutdown time?

Like it or Not, This Time will be Remembered

My parents can tell me what they were doing when JFK was shot? I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing on 9/11. For our kids, they will remember this time of being home.  More importantly, being home with you. I realize this may be a time of high stress. I realize money is tight and markets are tanking. Perhaps you are having to aid in home schooling curriculum that  teachers have sent. BUT… remember to do something fun with your kids.  It time for core memories, shared moments and to be the answer your kids will tell their kids they were doing with you during Covid-19.

7 Quick Ideas for Special Time with Your Kids

1. Beige watch a television series, or movies. Watch all 8 Harry Potter movies one night for a week? Shorter time, how about catching up on the Star Wars: The Mandalorian episodes?
2. It’s time to start a chapter series and read daily with your kids.
3. Spend 30 mins a day on a 1000 piece puzzle.
4. Board game mania. This idea is my boys favorites. We play a different board game each night after dinner. Ranging from short games like Yahtzee, to long ongoing games like Monopoly.
5. Capture a moment in a photo album.
6. Start a building project and include your kids.
7. Build something big with Legos.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Make it special. Make it memorable.  Because it certainly will be remembered by your kids.

What activities are you doing in this shutdown?

Featured Image is Ticket to Ride, one of Zachary’s favorite games.



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