Covid-19 is not the Time to Fight with Your Ex

written by Fred Campos

For most of us alive, we have never seen a worldwide pandemic like we are all witnessing with Covid-19. It is overwhelming in comparison to even to the feelings felt on September 11th. I remember traveling shortly after that crisis. People were nicer, traffic merged easier, and passengers from different rows in airplanes introduced themselves with respect and courtesy.

It seems during the worst of time we have the capacity to unify and give our fellow neighbors some grace and goodwill.

Many of you reading this blog are activity engaged in a child custody battle. These battles can bring out the worst in you, as you fight for control of the very children you produced together. Maybe it time that you face a common enemy, hold out an olive branch and show some human decency to your Ex?

Visitation of Parents is Still On

This past week I have probably been asked a dozen time, “If I still have to follow the court order during the Covid-19 outbreak? Or do I have to return the kids now that Spring Break has been extended?” The short answer is “Yes,” you still follow the court order as you would prior to the pandemic.

Ramos Law Group spells it out this way… “School closures stemming from Covid-19 shall have no impact on the existing possession schedule. Parties shall continue to follow the possession schedules contained within their SAPCRs, divorce decrees, or other court orders. Failure to comply can result in a finding of contempt, fines and attorney fees being levied against the non-compliant party.”

That sums it up pretty well. The majority of the attorneys I have read or talked with, also agree. While their may be exceptions to your circumstances, now is the best time to work out additional visitation through talking with your Ex.

Now is Not the Time to Fight with Your Ex

Everything about your job has turned upside-down. Odds are your kids are in a remote, virtual classroom trying to deal with a form of home schooling. Restaurants, movie theater, churches and extracurricular activities are all now closed. Basically, EVERYTHING in your life is currently operating at different-levels compared to a month ago. You are experiencing high amounts of stress. Well…

Your kids are too! Now is not the time to be fighting with your Ex or gaining ground on your custody case. Again, I turn to Ramos Law Group…

“We highly recommend using this as an opportunity to co-parent and show your kids that when times are tough, both parents will step up and do the right thing. DO NOT use this as a situation to take advantage of the other parent. Instead, work towards a compromise that maybe both parties feel a little pain but agree on something with the best interest of their children in mind.” I couldn’t say it better myself.

Now is the Time to Be Kind

We are fighting an unseen enemy. Our world is in a depression. Many we know could get sick. We are facing the worst of times.
Now is the best of times to be kind to one another. The best place for that to start–is with your Ex. Take the high road. For this event will be remembered. If by nobody else… your kids.

What are ways you can be kind to your Ex?


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