A Step By Step Guide To Securing Child Custody

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Most fathers think there is little chance their kids will come to live with them at the end of the divorce process. That is because, historically, children always went to live with their mothers. However, we live in the age of equality, and it is no longer acceptable for courts to choose the mother over the father without good reason. With that in mind, this article will provide you with a step-by-step guide you can follow when it comes to tipping the scales of balance in your favor and doing everything possible to get custody of your loved one. Do not follow this guide to the letter unless advised to by your legal team. The information is here to point you in the right direction, but you still need professional assistance to succeed.

Securing Child Custody: Step 1, Find a Reputable Divorce Mediator

Lots of people spend a fortune on divorce lawyers these days, but you only need to use their services in the most extreme instances. For most folks, the decision to see Judith M. Goldberg or another expert divorce mediator will help to solve the problem. That will also mean you don’t spend as much money and empty your bank accounts. Mediation is designed to help both parties to voice their position and concerns, and then come to an amicable solution. While it is not always possible to achieve that goal, many couples who try mediation say it helped them to avoid the stresses and heartache of a courtroom divorce. So, make sure you at least consider that option before going full steam ahead.

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Step 2, Consider Your Kids Needs

When all’s said and done, your kids are the most critical people in this situation, and so you need to do what is right for them. If you live in a small, one-bedroom apartment with a low income, and your partner lives in a massive house with millions of dollars in the bank, it is not fair to take the children. You get the idea, right? You must do whatever you believe is in the best interests of your loved ones. Do not make the mistake of attempting to use the kids to score points against your Ex-partner because that is not going to work. You will make yourself look childish, and you might even affect your kids in an adverse manner.

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Securing Child Custody: Step 3, Impress the Counselors, Social Workers & Custody Evaluators

During the custody battle process, child welfare counselors will come to your home or arrange a meeting in their office. The goal at the appointment is to observe the children with you and to determine whether or not you are the best parent. Those professionals will do the same thing with your partner, and they will then present their findings to the court if your dispute ends up going that far. It is vital that you try to act as natural as possible while you’re in the company of those specialists. However, you can increase the chances of getting a favorable report by making sure you do something active with your kids on that day. Play football in the garden, bake a cake, etc.

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Step 4, Make Sure You Can Offer Your Kids a Decent Life

Far too many parents take the selfish approach and want custody of their children in the hope of winning the argument with their Ex-partners. You need to make sure it is possible for you to give the little ones a decent life. If you know that you will never match your Ex-partner’s earnings; you will never raise enough cash to pay for college educations, and you’ll probably spend a lot of time away from home; taking the kids doesn’t make sense. If you love your children; you should want them to have the best life possible, even if that means you only get to see them once each week. That is one of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make as a parent, but it is vital that you do the right thing.

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Securing Child Custody: Step 5, Try to Work Things Out Between Yourselves

If you’ve trying mediation and you have an amicable situation where you can speak to your Ex without getting into an argument; it is sensible to come to an arrangement between yourselves. There is no requirement for you to employ professional help if you can solve the dispute without that expense. Some people have rational minds, and so you might get lucky. It is entirely possible for a couple to sort out the custody of their kids without going to court. However, in instances where it is impossible for both parties to agree on the best course of action; you’ll probably want to move on to the next step listed on this page. Don’t do it if you think there is an alternative out there.

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Step 6: Go to Court

If all else fails; you’ll have to employ a lawyer with expertise and a decent track record in winning child custody cases. You should always use that options as a last resort because it could affect your kids in many different ways according to WikiHow. The lawyers will battle it out in the courtroom, and they will have to say lots of unpleasant things about the person sitting on the other side of the table. So, bear that in mind because whatever relationship you have left with that person is going to deteriorate fast. Still, if there are no other options on the table, going to court is the best way to secure custody.

Make sure you refer back to this guide if you find yourself battling for child custody in the future. While you should always take the advice of legal professionals, as you can see from this post, sometimes it is possible to do things without spending a fortune or having arguments that never seem to end. The crucial thing to remember is that you are not playing a game, and your children should live with the most suitable parent. If that is not you; you should not fight for custody because it is not in the best interests of your kids. Good luck, whatever you decide to do!

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