How to Stop Fighting Talk From Ruining Your Marriage

written by Fred Campos
Stop Fighting Talk From Ruining Your Marriage

[H]umans are complex beings. So complex, in fact, that it’s a wonder that any of us can sustain a relationship for a lifetime; but we do. We persevere because the joys of being in a loving union make it all worthwhile. Still, there’s no denying that any marriage has its ups and downs. The trick, therefore, isn’t to try to have a completely harmonious relationship – that’s simply not possible – but not to let too much fighting talk overtake what you and your partner have created. Below, we take a look at five ways to stop fighting talk from ruining your marriage.

1. Take Five

You’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed. The commute to work was terrible, and when you eventually arrived, you had such a day that all you wanted was for tomorrow to come. Yet you have to go home and be with your partner. You’re angry, and it seems inevitable that even the smallest confrontation will boil over into something much bigger. So what do you do? Simply: take five minutes. Go for a walk, analyze your thoughts and feelings, and then leave them behind. A lot of heartaches can be prevented if we all just took a few minutes to remove ourselves from a potentially poisonous situation.

2. Fighting Fair to Prevent Fighting from Ruining Your Marriage

As we said above, there will always be disagreements in a relationship. The important thing is not to let the fighting become dirty. That means, no name calling, no bringing up topics that have been left in the past; not to make the disagreement bigger than it is. Someone leaving a few dishes in the kitchen sink is not an opportunity to dredge up past grievances. Put your point across eloquently and without malice, and you’ll have fewer fallings out. Simple!

3. Confront Your Worries

Sometimes, it’s not one action that causes an argument. In fact, the true cause of an argument is an overarching worry, one that hasn’t been confronted and which is always simmering below the safe. The most common cause of fallings out among couples is financial matters. Many people worry about their own finances; it makes sense that the worry is amplified when you’re sharing them with someone else. So tackle the issue head-on. If you’re struggling with debt, don’t let it lead to arguments – visit, and tackle the issue head-on. You’ll be much less tempted to argue if the big problems in your life have been eradicated.

4. Self-Improvement

People can sometimes be guilty of asking too much from their partner. Instead of asking your loved one to be the perfect person, take a look at yourself: what are you doing to be the best version of yourself? Everyone can grow, and if you do you’ll better equipped to handle the ups and downs of a relationship.

5. Steady Communication

And finally, the golden rule: communication! Talk as you go; don’t let anything build up. There’s a reason why the couples that last the longest have great communication skills. Work on it: it’s a fantastic skill to have.

What steps do you recommend to prevent marital fighting?

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  1. Gauri Kadam


    Great post. I am agree with steady communication, because lots of misunderstanding raise due to miscommunication. Thanks for your efforts.

  2. Jhoei

    Cool! Thank you for sharing this. Steady communication is really the most important thing for me as communication is always the most important factor in any relationship. It just matters on how you communicate.

    • FullCustodyDad

      Well said and the “how” you communicate is a big factor. Thanks for the comment.



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