[E]veryone can face problems when it comes to their marriage. It could be that you have been together for some time and feel like the marriage is breaking down, or perhaps something has gone awry over the years. Of course, some of the obvious causes of marital breakdown would be your partner straying, lying, cheating, etc. But, there are some less obvious and also less discussed things that could cause a marriage to break which I thought I should highlight with you. January can be a tricky time for many couples, so if any of these sound like you and your partner I hope it gives you the confidence to move things forward by working it out.

1. Finances (can cause a Marriage to Break)

Finances can be a big topic of conversation for many couples, especially at this time of year. There has been added expenditure during December for Christmas, maybe added commitments such as children going off to college or starting school. It can often mean that financial strain can then cause problems with your relationship. However, if you do realize there is a problem, then it can be resolved. Debt or over committing yourself to bills can be tacked and it may be worth it to try this website’s advice. Being connected on the same page with these sorts of issues will help you navigate the future together. However, it can be a difficult subject to talk about so it may be worth trying to do that first.

2. Lack of Communication

When was the last time you had a normal conversation with your partner? When you ask about their day and what they have been up to rather than family issues or communications like your children? We can often lose sight of ourselves as individuals, or even as a couple, and forget that we loved each other once. So make time for each other and start opening up the line of communication, if only for five minutes each day. It could make a huge difference.

3. Different Aspirations for the Future Can Cause a Marriage to

You half expect that future plans are discussed well before the marriage takes place, but things can change and opinions and aspirations for life can be different after a period of time. One might want children, the other may not. One might want to live in a different country to the other. These things can then cause marriages to break down if not resolved and a compromise to be found.

A Difference in Family Dynamics

Finally, a change in a family dynamics can really affect a marriage. For example, if one person was the main earner, and then that were to change if a partner took over, got promoted or recognized for their work, then things like this can cause a marriage break up. This might be one of the least discussed and publicised reasons for marriage breakups, but if you get used to elements being in a certain way, it can cause friction between couples. Hopefully, communication can help you to resolve feelings like this.

I hope that this has highlighted some of the other issues married couples can face.

What other issues do you think cause marriages to break?

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