[P]arenting is tough enough when you have a partner, but when you’re doing it alone, the difficulty reaches new heights. Yet single parents everywhere are successfully and happily raising children by themselves.

Like virtually all aspects of single parenting, it takes more work and planning to make it successful, but it can be done.

Take care of yourself. This really means planning social and physical activities for YOU. No matter what age or situation, we all need personal time. Your own health can be easy to neglect when you don’t have a partner to give you a break.

Join forces. Being the lone Dad on a playground full of couples every Saturday morning can get old quick. So can being stuck at home every evening with just a crying baby for company. Finding Dads in similar situations can be lifesaving. If you’re having trouble finding friends, consider joining a single parent support group. A great place to start is Parents Without Partners. You can also find help on social media links or your church.

Establish a community. Establish a community to provide emotional support and a feeling of belonging—a perfect alternative to the isolation often brought on by single parenting. A couple of tips here, don’t just look for other single parents.  The more varied your community, the richer it will be. If you are introverted, building a community can be tough. You might need to get out of your comfort zone. Yes, it will be painful, but the effort will likely be worth it.

Get a grip on finances. You might find yourself as a single parent on a single income. You will almost likely have to cut back on your lifestyle. Creating a budget and managing family finances are critical. Raising a child on one income can be one of the most difficult aspects of solo parenting.

What other tips would you give single parents?

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