[W]hen I was in college my female friends would sometimes play a game called, “What’s in your purse?” From which they would go around the room and pull out the craziest items ranging from a roll of toilet paper to a hotel single cup coffee maker.

A Truly Manly Geek Carries a Purse

25 years later, I fully admit… I was jealous the male species didn’t have such fashionable and socially acceptable accessories. Why wasn’t there a “man purse” that you carry with you at all times? After all, us guys needed a place to carry such important necessities, like jumper cables or laptop battery backup units.
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Thankfully times have changed, as our society now embraces WiFi Implants and Rechargeable Robotic Pets, so let’s start a political movement for the “man purse”!

Can’t Quite Do a Purse, Then Call It a Laptop Bag

My Manly Purse, the Laptop BagNow some of you may not be completely ready to accept this paradigm shift. Change is hard and takes time. Therefore I offer a suggestion to make the “man purse” migration in smaller steps. Call it a “laptop bag.”

For the past two years, I have been carrying my man purse under the disguise of the laptop bag. Guys, the women have it right, I love carrying a purse, as a wallet just doesn’t cut it. A quick audit of my purse, I’m mean laptop bag, outside of the obvious laptop reveal:

  • I have drugs (prescription & head/cold),
  • Pens, one pencil, & a highlighter,
  • Coins, change, even a few dollar bills,
  • Napkins, & plastic ware,
  • 10 different phone chargers, USB sticks, & power cables,
  • A spiral notebook, a book, business cards, & keys,
  • Business receipts, mints, hand sanitizer, and finally
  • A Powerpoint clicker and presentation pointer.

When you really examine that list and compared to what is found in most women’s purses, how exactly is that different? A truly manly geek carries a purse – aka the laptop bag. A bag by any other names, is still a purse.

Is the “laptop bag” the new manly purse? Guys, do you carry a man purse or laptop bag? What’s in your purse?

Paid feature image from www.DollarPhotoClub.com, embedded image of Fred’s real purse, I mean laptop bag.