Tips for Easily Juggling Children and Personal Life Part 1

written by Fred Campos
Tips for Easily Juggling Kids and Your Personal Life

[S]o the divorce is final and now you find yourself raising your children alone. Granted, this wasn’t the life you envisioned. Now, you find yourself run ragged with school/extracurricular activities. At the end of the day, you are exhausted; and the whole process starts again tomorrow.

While we always emphasize your children’s needs and welfare take precedence, you still have a personal life and need personal time.

At some point, you ask, “What about my life?” It’s a legitimate question, one that most single parents deal with. But how?

What follows are the first three of eight tips on how single parents can maintain their own lives, and keep their sanity. If you follow these guidelines, they will help you in juggling children and your personal life and perhaps even make you a better parent.

Tips for Easily Juggling Children and Your Personal Life

1. Build a Support System. While you can raise your children alone, you probably shouldn’t. You know people who like you and your children and don’t mind helping out once in a while. Make a list of your ‘inner circle,’ and include each person’s strengths, and interests. For example, if your child likes baseball and you don’t, ask a baseball-loving friend to take your little one to a game. Sure you should spring for the tickets or at least food and parking, but the point is that you will then have some time to yourself—maybe a lot if the game goes into extra innings.

2. Ask for Help. You might be tempted to do everything on your own, because you either don’t want to “be a bother to others,” or you desire to maintain your independence, it’s probably not a good idea. While initially difficult, you will eventually find those who are eager to help, and take some pressure off you.

3. Create Routines. Creating routines takes pressure off everyone. All involved know what to expect, and there’s minimal conflict and planning. Mental stress is lessened.

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Tomorrow we will continue this discussion of tips to easily juggling children and your personal life.

How did/do you balance kids and your personal life?

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