[W]hen your little ones are so young, you always seem to want the next milestone to come along. The one where they will start talking, the one where they start walking, running playing, communicating. But then as the age approaches for them to start their educational journey you all of a sudden wonder why you rushed it all. Why the need for them to grow up so quick? But, of course, it naturally happens and it can feel like such a huge step when it comes to this part of their lives. So what should you expect? How can you prepare your little one and indeed yourself? I thought I would share with you some tips.

Educational Journey – The Schooling Options

As your little one approaches the age in which to start their official educational journey, you may be wondering what options you have. You don’t have to go down the school route if you don’t want to. It is the most common thing to do, and of course, schools in your area may be fantastic (which in my district they are). You could even consider private schooling in places like Lake Mary Preparatory School if you wanted. Lastly, you could homeschool which is something many are passionate about. The main thing to think about is what would suit your little one and your family. Do what is right for you and not what you think is just the right choice.

The Emotions Behind It

One thing you may need to get used to is the emotions behind it. You will feel all different kinds of emotions if your child is starting school. The fact that they are spending a good chunk of time away from you. The worry, the fretting for them. They are all normal emotions to feel. But you can also find that even when they are being homeschooled that the emotions are still very similar. You have the responsibility, so you will worry if you are doing enough or could you do better. You will feel emotional because they are growing up.

Educational Journey – Enjoying the Time Together Before School

If the prospect of school work is fast approaching then why not utilize the time before you start to really spend some quality time with your child. You could create a bucket list of all the things you want to do in the summer before school work starts. It might be day trips out, learning about the environment, trips to the museum or to the zoo. Sit down and work out what you want to do and then enjoy the time doing it.

Practicing General Things at Home

Finally, now would be the ideal time to start thinking about what they could be learning to help better prepare them for the next stage of their lives. It could be practicing to hold a pencil. Tracing letters or counting numbers perhaps. There are resources online to help you get to grips with what your child could be learning before their educational journey starts.

I hope that this helps you better prepare yourselves and your children for the next step in their lives.

What advice would you add?

Contributed post. Feature image via Pexabay.