Doing Church on Steroids, Any Questions?

written by Fred Campos
Doing Church on Steroids, Any Questions? by

[I] find the Bible fascinating. Watching God use crooked sticks to draw straight lines, using plain Jane women and men to carry out messages and save His people. God is certainly not boring. Even more so, study the life of Jesus and how He launched His ministry with a dozen nobodies is awe inspiring and amazing. He was doing church on steroids, any questions?

Jesus Presented Creatively

Paying close attention to His public ministry and you will find not only the greatest Toastmaster oracle, the visual story teller who had the humor of Weird Al, the satire of Saturday Night Live, yet the on cue message of a Billy Graham. He both offended and gave a message of hope all in the same speech. There was nothing He didn’t use to make a point. Whether spitting in a man’s eyes, or telling a bunch of lepers to dunk in the local watering hole. He drew crowds and people flocked to hear Him speak. He spoke like a man on steroids.

Doing Church on Steroids, Any Questions?

Shouldn’t We be Doing Church on Steroids?

We live in a time when people pay ridiculous amounts of money to go to rock concerts and fill stadiums to cheer on our favorite football teams. Why shouldn’t church be just as exciting? Sitting down in a predictable 55 minute, stand, sit, kneel, turn to page 578 in your hymnal no longer cuts it for this generation. I don’t see Jesus conducting a church service that puts people to sleep.

[blockquote author=”FullCustodyDad”]I see Jesus interviewing hookers on stage. I see Jesus working a soup kitchen for the homeless? I see Jesus defeating atheists in debates on television. I see Jesus doing radical events to draw in the lost and upsetting the mainstream Christians of the day. I see Jesus doing church on steroids, any questions?[/blockquote]

The Church has the Greatest message of Hope

The church has the greatest message of hope, the greatest prescription for life change, and the secret to Life the Universe and Everything. The church IS the message of Jesus. The church has the answer…Jesus. As Christians, as the church, we must take this message to the four corners of the world using every piece of technology, marketing, creativity, and media possible.

The Mission of Christianity, the Church

To reach this generation, we cannot be boring! We cannot fail! We must embrace this challenge with every ounce of resource available to reach others.

We need to be doing church on steroids, any questions?

How do you do church? What can Christians do better to reach the lost?



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