[T]his week my district is starting Kindergarten Round-Up. I happen to have a new Kindergarten starting this August. As a geek and coder you would expect me to endorse the greatest job and highest paying career on the planet, computer programming. But let’s put down the smart phones and Subway sandwiches for a moment and talk about a very serious problem. There is a growing lack of software developers in this country, and we are not embracing it well in schools.

Computer Coding Starts in Kindergarten

Take a look at this chart and examine the growing trend and needs for software engineers. Coders, computer programers, software designers, software developers are the backbone of our technology crazy society. There is a growing gap that must be solved and quickly. We need to encourage, endorse, and mandate computer programming in schools, and colleges. Coding needs to be added to the basics like reading and writing. Computer coding needs to start in kindergarten.

Why Computer Coding Starts in Kindergarten

Join the Hour of Code

There is a worldwide initiative even endorsed by our president, and presidents of many software companies called the “Hour of Code.” This non-profit organization provides anybody, even children, the opportunities to learn how to program and encourages more than 1,000,000 to try it out. Furthermore this movements has organized curriculum for educators at all levels from Kindergarten through 12 grade, to teach computer science or any computer programming class in schools in America and around the world.

Teachers Embrace the Hour of Code

Teachers if you want to change the world, there is a worldwide initiative to get the “Hour of Code” to 100,000,000 students. Take a look at this amazing initiative…

It’s Time to Geek, Join the Movement

Parents, educators, students, now is the time! Take a moment and try it out. See what the fuss is all about. Explorer your inner geek. Just a tiny bit of coding can change the world. My two boys are both learning to code. My 11 year old son, Zachary, codes a mean Delphi and is currently Scratch. Learning these skill has greatly enhanced his program solving ability and school work.

[blockquote author=”FullCusodyDad”]Encourage your schools, your kids, your grandkids, everybody to try coding. Let’s make it a part of education![/blockquote]

If you are a computer professional, take some time out and volunteer. Code.org will connect you with a school that needs your help. Computer coding starts in kindergarten!

Do you know how to code? Do you agree computer programming needs to be a part of education?