De Train, Boss, De Train!

written by Fred Campos
Austin Amtrak Station from

[A]fter spending the night in Austin, in wonderful accommodations provided by Airbnb Joey, we packed up and ventured to see one of my clients from DFW Website Designers. We visited Mario, from (Forgive the name-dropping, but he needs the backlinking. *hehe*) Mario bought another website, which more than paying for this trip.

After visiting and serving us a late brunch, he dropped us off in downtown Austin. We were off to see and pull email in one of the biggest and nicest libraries I’ve ever witnessed. This library is six stories high and has great laptop charging stations. A true nerd’s dream.

Here Zachary did some homework, and I caught up on some edits for one of my clients who just went live this past week. It was predicted to pour rain, but the weather was so nice we decided to walk to the Austin train station.

Frank & Angie's Pizzeria

Along the way, we stopped at Frank & Angie’s Pizzeria to have dinner. The food was amazing. I cannot tell if it was because we were hungry or if pasta tasted so good after being on keto for six weeks.

After this excellent meal, we walked to the train station, literally walking over the tracks to arrive at this tiny Austin station. Now it was time for our very first train ride.

Our First Amtrak Train Ride

Amtrak Train to San Antonio

The seats were super comfy, thankfully there was a full A/C plug and leg rests, footrests, and a tray for your laptop that extends out with plenty of room. The train is super quiet and so smooth you cannot tell if you are stopped or moving unless you look at the window. Plenty of room to work. Zachary absolutely loved this experience. THIS IS the WAY to travel.

On an Amtrak Train

Upon arriving we quickly got picked up by our Uber driver, Martin, who took us over to our Airbnb host, Jay. Jay had a nice bedroom and study ready for us. He was a super, super host. We wound up talking with him late into the night. After Jay went to bed, I was able to finish the website for Mario we sold this morning. Definitely a successful trip.

Jay's Airbnb San Antonio RoomJay's Airbnb San Antonio Study


Today’s Expenses: (2) Ubers $73.22, $30 Amtrack, $34.54 Airbnb = $137.76

Have you ever ridden on a train? What is your preferred way to travel?

All images taken by @FullCustodyDad on his trip.



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