Getting Your Kids Through Challenging Times

written by Fred Campos

[Y]our kids are resilient little creatures; with plenty of love and support, they can get through an array of challenges and any difficult times that life may throw at them. However, the key is to protect them as much as possible, communicate clearly and regularly, and ensure that they feel able, to be honest about their thoughts and feelings. Understanding your kids is the best way to help them and work out a plan to get everyone back on track again (even if that means you’re on a new and improved path). The better a problematic situation is handled by a child’s support system, the more positive the impact will be on their current and future life. Therefore, it’s worth working out what you can to help and assist your kid, and when you might need expert advice to lend a hand.

It’s important that you’re able to spot any changes in behavior and temperament with your child; if they’re going through a tough time, you need to make sure that their school is informed so that people are watching out for them. Sometimes, it can be difficult for children to open up to parents, so this is when you may have to seek the help of a counselor those trained in the therapy of little ones. The following are some ideas and advice for parents who want to ensure that their kid are handling what life has thrown their way, so that has a happy and carefree child on their hands.

Challenging Times – Dividing Their Time

When a child’s parents have separated or chosen to get a divorce; it will feel like your little one’s world has been tipped upside down. If something has a major impact on one or both parents, your kids will notice straight away, and that’s where their worry will lie. It’s crucial that you’ve worked out custody and the time your child will spend with both parents as soon as possible with a reputable family law firm so that logistics are not something you’ll all have to worry about again. Then, it’s about ensuring that you’re open and honest with your little ones and find a way to tell them about what and why things have happened, without going into unnecessary detail. Being strong for kids during this time is also a great focus, and will help the whole family heal, and begin a new way of life.

Coping With Loss

A child’s age will affect how much they understand when someone close to them or the family passes away, so it’s worth reading up on how to explain what’s happened to your kid. Bereavement will affect them in some form, no matter how old they are, so, again, it’s about an open line of communication. They need to know that all of their emotions are completely normal, and it’s okay to cry and express those feelings after what has happened. Moving forward; you can find special ways to remember a person and create new traditions that will bring comfort and happy memories to your kids. Remember that whatever is happening, your child has you as a parent, so they’re already going to be okay.

What would you add to help kids through challenging times?

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