[F]or those that have been following me for years, you probably know that in addition to providing this blog, I make my living building websites under my DFW Website Designers business.

Well have worked with several dozen of attorneys over the last five years, I am pleased to announce a new service…

Pre-Built Attorney Websites

Now I realize from the parents that follow me, you will not be interested in this service, but to make it interesting and fun for me, I plan to transition and focus on custom building and sell a pre-built attorney websites. I already build websites for a living and build sites close to every day. I want to transition that process to pre-building websites for one demographic. Attorneys! So I plan to slowly build up increasing in my pre-build attorney sites starting at 2 a month and growing to 20 a month by end of year. To make this fun, each site must be original, SEO’d and have completely original content My goal is 100 attorney websites in 2016!

Furthermore, I will highlight then once a month on this blog, as to not take away from our good custody information. If you are interested in the details of these sites and want to follow this crazy process, visit DFWWebsiteDesigners.com. Or if you are an attorney or a web investor, you may buy these by visiting our Buy Attorney Sites page or clicking links below. I am going to lists the sites starting at $497 and add $5 for each additional site I build.

Can Fred Pull-Off This Crazy Endeavor?

To watch this progress here are the dates, domains, and cost of the sites to be built in 2016. Wish me luck as I will be racing the clock and design ideas!

Fred’s 100 Pre-Built Attorney Sites Before End of 2016

04/01/16 01. DFWCustodyLawyer.com – Completed Details $497
04/15/16 02. GettingDivorcedwithKids.com – Completed Details $502
05/04/16 03. HiringaDivorceAttorney.com Overview $507
05/11/16 04. FatherChildCustodyAttorney.com Overview $512
05/18/16 05. FightingChildCustody.com Overview $517
05/25/16 06. FindaDallasDivorceAttorney.com Overview $523
06/01/16 07. HireaDivorceAttorney.com Overview $527
06/07/16 08. MyChildCustodyAttorney.com Overview $532
06/13/16 09. WinFullCustody.com Overview $537
06/19/16 10. DFWCustodyDivorceAttorney.com Overview $542
06/25/16 11. FtWorthCustodyAttorney.com Overview $547
06/30/16 12. ChildCustodyTX.com Overview $552
07/01/16 13. DallasDivorceLawyer.tv Overview $557
07/05/16 14. TBD Overview $562
07/09/16 15. TBD Overview $567
07/13/16 16. TBD Overview $572
07/17/16 17. TBD Overview $577
07/21/16 18. TBD Overview $582
07/25/16 19. TBD Overview $587
07/29/16 20. TBD Overview $592

Is this crazy, do you think I can pull off 100 sites in a year?

Images from DollarPhotoClub.net.