5 Amazing Benefits of Gardening with Kids

written by Fred Campos

Gardening is no longer a hobby to get stuck into during retirement and many young people including children are taking an interest. Whether you have a sizable yard or even just a small balcony, gardening with kids can be very beneficial. It teaches them important skills and it’s the perfect opportunity to bond. Getting outside and in touch with nature also has a positive impact on their well-being. Here are five amazing benefits of gardening with kids.

Gardening with Kids – Engages their curiosity

It’s said that curiosity is an important skill for kids to develop as they can use it in their later life. Gardening engages kids’ curiosity because they’re not only getting active and learning something new but watching their efforts bloom. It’s a good idea to start seeds off inside to get younger children interested. Plant them in recycled glass jars so they can watch the roots grow and find out more about the life cycle of a plant.

Teaches them about nature

Gardening is a great way to teach children about the local flora and fauna around them. It’s proven that getting in touch with nature has a positive impact on their well-being. It gives them a new perspective and taking care of plants and wildlife is very rewarding. Encourage wild visitors into your yard by creating zones for bugs and critters, such as a rock garden. You could even make your own bird or butterfly feeders from a recycled bottle and leftovers.

Improves overall well-being

It’s the perfect time of year to get your kids outside. Being outdoors has many well-being benefits. It’s not only a good way to keep physically active, but it also helps to combat stress and anxiety. Gardening also encourages healthy living. You can grow your own vegetables together and this will make them more appealing. Your kids are less likely to turn their nose up at their own greens.

A fun way to bond

Gardening is a fun activity at any age. It’s also a wonderful way to spend time together. You can think of creative ways to decorate your outside space and get the kids to come up with ideas. For a low-budget option, you could try upcycling your own planters from random household items. You could even build a cool new feature such as a pond or a steam train From BLS. Find something that aligns with your child’s interests.

Gardening with Kids – They learn skills for life

As well as encouraging them to get their hands dirty, gardening teaches kids important life skills. These include patience, creativity, mindfulness, and responsibility. Taking care of your own garden requires patience and kindness as they tend to their crops. It teaches them to be more mindful of the world around them. There are also plenty of ways gardening engages with their creativity and curiosity which are valuable skills for work in the future. Gardening with kids is a great hobby for all the family, even if you’re not naturally green-thumbed, why not give it a try?

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