3 Beer Facts You Need To Know

written by Fred Campos

Beer might just be the most popular alcoholic beverage on the planet. It’s synonymous with having a night out or celebrating a particular occasion. Despite this, few people know a lot about it.

You mightn’t have realized how many fun beer facts there are out there. From the inventor of beer to George Washington’s unique blend, and even being outlawed for a while, there are more than a few beer facts you need to know if you’re a beer fan.Armed with a few of them, you could be one of the more interesting people at a party, or even for clients if you’re a stay-at-home entrepreneur. Three particular facts stand out.

1. North Dakota Drinks More Beer Than Anyone

Do you know which state outranks the rest of the country in terms of beers consumed per year? A few specific states might stand out, but it’s unlikely that North Dakota would be the first one that comes to mind.

Despite that, it ranked the highest beer consumer on multiple occasions. In 2013 alone, for example, North Dakota residents consumed an average of 43.6 gallons of beer per year. That’s more than enough to put a few other states to shame, and maybe even a few countries.

Surprised would sum up most peoples’ reaction to that.

2. Homebrewing Is Less Than A Decade Old In Alabama

Homebrewing has been a popular pastime for many people for quite some time. Despite that, it hasn’t exactly been as legal as you’d think everywhere. In Alabama, for example, it’s only been legal since 2013.

Before then, making some home brew could end up with you needing to pay a fine, or even risk a jail sentence. Technically, that means homebrewing has only been legal in the state for less than a decade.

Even microbreweries have suffered from this, with those also being technically outlawed until then. The same can also be said for Mississippi. Who’d have thought they’d have been so behind the times?

3. You Can Make George Washington’s Beer

Not many people know that George Washington had his own blend of beer. This wasn’t something that was made in his memory or specifically by him. In fact, he developed the recipe for it himself.

You can even find the recipe online and make it yourself. That doesn’t mean it’ll be the best-tasting beer you can find, however. Instead, it was made specifically for Washington’s servants to drink.

There’s still something patriotic about drinking George Washington’s beer, however. There’s even a historical element to it. It’s more than worth trying out, especially if you’re going to bring it up at a party.

Beer Facts You Need To Know: Wrapping Up

There are countless fun beer facts that can help you become the life of a party. With a few particular facts, you’ll have people listening along and thinking you’re quite interesting. Remember not to go overboard with your consumption, however.

You’ll want to be the life of the party, not the laughing stock. With that, and each of the above beer facts, you shouldn’t have a problem doing exactly that.



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