[W]e live in a society that is focused on that 1-2-3, quick facts, secret sauce way of solving problems. When it comes to marriage and divorce, there really are no quick fixes or silver bullets that kill and prevent divorce. With divorce rates still 40-50% in America for first marriages (60% for 2nd, 73% for 3rd), you should consider all elements to prevent divorce if you can. There are some weird and nerdy ways, stats, or data, that you may want to consider or work into your marriage plans. Who know, these statistical facts just maybe, will give you that one or two point edge to make it last and live happily ever after. Enjoy!

10 Weird & Nerdy Ways to Prevent Your Divorce

1. Move to Malta. Malta is one of three countries in the world controlled by the Vatican where divorce is illegal even if you are not Catholic.

2. Get Your Degree, Make Some Money & Marry When You’re Older. It is sad to say and a fact few young people want to consider but there is a direct correlation to success in marriage based on higher education, higher wage earners and being older before tying the knot.

3. Become a Podiatrist, Optometrists, Nuclear or Agricultural Engineer or Sales Person. Certain occupations make a huge different in your marriage success. Divorce is much higher if you marry a dancer, choreographer, bartender, massage therapist, casino worker, telephone operator, nurse or home health aid.

4. Move to a Democratic State. Divorce rates are higher in the South than they are in the New England states. Republican states are 27% more likely to divorce than couples in Democratic states.

5. Become an Atheist or Agnostic. Atheist and Agnostics have a 21% divorce rates verse Nondenominational Christians have the highest. 🙁

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6. Have Kids, but Not Twins or Triplets. Couples with children have a slightly lower divorce rate than those without kids. But having twins or triplets increases your risk of divorce by 17%!

7. Men, Marry Younger Women. A marriage in which a woman is two or more years older than her husband is 53% more likely to end in divorce than if the husband where three or more years older or ONLY one year younger.

8. Agree Not to Divorce in the 7th or 8th Year. The seven-year itch is the real deal. Add to your prenuptial that you will NOT divorce during the your 7th or 8th year of marriage. Know upfront that these will be the hardest years even in 2nd and 3rd marriages.

9. Both Smoke or Both Don’t Smoke. If only one partner smokes, a marriage is 75% more likely to end in divorce. So take up smoking or make your partner quit.

10. Stay Fit & Have Sex. Experts note that if a spouse has gained more than 20% of his or her body weight, divorce is more likely. Finally one of the first early indicators that a couple is heading to divorce court is the couple rarely, if ever has sex.

Marriage should not be dedicated by data. Nevertheless these are real facts and should not be ignored. Marriage is hard enough in the best of times, do what you can to make your marriage or your next marriage the best it can be.

What advise would you give someone considering marriage or re-marriage? What can they do to stay married longer?

Data and stats from Random Facts.