[T]here’s understandably a significant focus on divorce within this blog, however, if you’ve found someone special and are wanting to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, you’re probably feeling something between excitement and anxiety.  See, we often feel a significant amount of pressure to come up with an elaborate and “romantic” way to pop the question that blows our partner away when we are thinking of proposing.

Equally, there’s a significant amount of pressure to purchase an adequate token of our love and devotion, such as these Tacori engagement rings, as there are a variety of ideas banded around (mostly by jewelry manufacturers) about men needing to spend anything between two and three months salary on their engagement ring… but in reality, this can detract from the true essence of what a proposal is.

A proposal is simply a declaration to someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with them based on your mutual alignment and the significance of your connection – it shouldn’t be predicated on buying a fancy ring, however, as a society, we have been conditioned to place a great deal of emphasis on the quality and size of the diamond that tends to accompany the proposal.

Thinking of Proposing? – Three Suggested Ideas

Anyway, back to the topic at hand – if you’re thinking of popping the question this Valentine’s Day you might want to differentiate yourself and bring a more inventive twist to your proposal – something personal and tailored to your partner, rather than playing it safe with a standard (i.e. boring) proposal that underwhelms.

Here are three quirky ways to consider popping the question this Valentine’s Day:

1. Pamper Evening

Go to somewhere like Lush and arrange a pamper evening where you have a nice bath together, wash your partner’s hair, gently pour jugs of warm water down her back and conclude the evening with a sensual massage… where you save the left hand for last – and as you massage that hand, slip the ring on her finger, and gently pop the question in this understated yet deeply intimate way.

2. Go To The Cinema

There’s substantial advice around the idea of not going to a cinema on your first date, and at first glance the concept of proposing in a movie theatre might seem a little flat – however, if your partner loves films or there’s something meaningful about a particular cinema – you can purchase a one-off advert at the start of the show and create a thirty-second video showing your journey so far; with the question either appearing on screen, or it could be simply whispered in their ear.

3. Kidnap Her For The Day

Explain to your partner that you’ve arranged a surprise and that you need to blindfold her before setting out in order to not ruin the surprise.  In doing so, you’re building anticipation throughout the journey and once you arrive at your destination, let’s say a beautiful secluded beach, walk her down to the magical spot (still blindfolded) where you have something wonderful set-ups such as a campfire, picnic, or a tent with tons of blankets… get down on one knee and tell her she can finally remove the blindfold!

Whichever way you choose to pop the question, it’s your second time and you are much older and wiser therefore add some creativity and do it right!

How would you or have you proposed to your significate other?

Contributed post. Featured image via Pixels.