The High Road – Can It Be Taken During Familial Chaos?

written by Fred Campos
The High Road by

[E]veryone knows that a disintegrating family is among one of the hardest things to deal with from an emotional perspective. It can leave people scarred, and sometimes afraid to begin anew. However, if there’s anything that this blog should suggest – it’s that you have the power and ability to define yourself, renewed during this process. Sometimes when family connections fall apart between a married couple, there is the tendency for that vortex to suck everything else around it into the trouble.

But can the high road be taken? While it’s naive to think that in these circumstances everyone will act in the most professional and clinical manner possible, is it possible to adjust your own actions to ensure that you only carry self-respect, and prevent the contained issue from causing the chaos that’s always potentially on the horizon? We’d say yes.

If you hope to consider this, we’d recommend:

The High Road – Immediate Legal Help

Immediate legal help could be considered one of the first and most important mainstays of any familial chaos that obviously needs a professional solution. Sometimes there’s simply nothing more you can contribute or do in order to resolve a situation. Emotions run extremely high in these circumstances, and this can often lead to extremely difficult outcomes. It might be that interfacing with a divorce lawyer can help you set boundaries, salvage a situation as much as possible, and get to work on that which matters – which is almost always custody rights first, and the splitting of the estate second – to put things in their simplest terms.

Refusal To Discuss In Front Of Children

Children always feel the effects of a divorce or familial shift. They’re smarter than they’re usually given credit for. However, that doesn’t mean free-for-all arguments or chaos should ever come into contact with them, or they should ever be allowed exposure to this. Adult problems are adult problems, keep them away from your kids. Unfortunately, sometimes the opposing party might see the power they hold over them, so it’s important to try and be as clinical as possible here to avoid adding fuel to the fire. Document everything, and seek to evidence your claims when in court. This kind of behavior, especially one-sided, can sometimes be resolved in a court of law with justice in mind.

The High Road – Your Story Is Your Story

Your family chaos is your familial chaos. This term might sound overplayed at this point, but it’s essential to understand that *‘chaos’* is often the right word here, as a disintegrating family is the opposite of order. However, despite sharing the details with your close family and friends, you must never gossip about the family member you are arguing with, tarnishing their name, or trying to turn the children against them. Keep a sense of decorum and civility even if the situation warrants little. It might not grant you extreme rewards, but handling yourself in this way can help you avoid fanning the flames, and give you renewed respect for yourself which is often important in all proceedings such as these.

With these tips, taking the high road will be difficult, but achievable.

What are your thoughts can the high road be taken?

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