Using Technology to Deal with Parental Alienation

written by Fred Campos
Dealing with Parental Alienation

[P]arental alienation is next most hurtful thing than losing the custody of your child. This is a vicious attempt made by the custodial parent to seclude a child from the other parent. Therapists, lawyers, psychologists, and psychiatrists—they all will give you a different definition about what parental alienation is about. But to put in it’s most crude form: it has to do with everything that a custodial parent does like using estrangement to create a division between the victimized parent and child, being hostile, nudging and conspiring, etc. These tactics slowly lead to hatred and loss of affection in the child who then inevitably closes all the doors on the non-custodial parent.

Having said that, if you have any clue that Mary is being forcefully and tactically being separated from you, take an appropriate legal measure ASAP. Otherwise if it’s too late, then there are very less chances that your severed relationship will improve with your child (more on this later).

Parental alienation is an abuse, and it’s also possible that your state laws may not think like that, but you have to take control of any measure that’s been taken against you, because this form of segregation may not have any physical wounds but it definitely leaves a psychological harm on Johnny for the rest of his life. In this read, we have amalgamated a four-part strategy to deal with parental alienation; also, we will talk about the parental alienation signs and how Android monitoring tools can help you with that.

Here it is: Everything You Need to Know about Parental Alienation.

What is Disparagement?

1. What is Disparagement?
Disparagement is usually the earliest sign of parental alienation and includes hate speech in front of the child by the custodial parent for the non-custodial counterpart. These hateful comments are directed towards Mary.

Note that parent is NOT the only one who could be involved in disparaging Johnny; it could be siblings and grandparents too, who are usually used as conduits for the whole process. Entrenchment is another form of disparagement and involves distorting victimized parents’ details in front of Mary. For instance, a custodial parent will try using techniques that will label parents as “good” and “bad.”

Undermining Authority

2. Undermining Authority
Degrading the authority of non-custodial parent by the other parent is also an example of parental alienation. This involves use of tactics against the victimized parent. Mary starts believing that the other parent has no purpose in their life and they are better of not having them in their life.

The authority of the non-custodial parent is undermined by setting an impression of right and wrong rules (where Johnny starts believing that the alienated parent was parenting them in the wrong manner). As aforementioned, Mary is coerced into believing that their non-custodial parent has no purpose in her life; and when this happens, it often leads to a rebellious attitude from the child towards the victimized parent.

3. Parental Substitution
Parental substitution is a labyrinth and it involves two different scenarios. If a child is abandoned by one of the parents, then having a parental substitution in this case would actually produce positive results for the child. In fact, it’s necessary to have parental substitution under this scenario; this is called proper parental substitution. But then, there is improper substitution where the non-custodial parent is intentionally substituted with the alienating parent’s new partner. For instance, if a father wants to substitute his child’s mother with his girl friend, the two (father and girlfriend) will try techniques to convince the child that they have two mothers; one biological mother and other her girlfriend.

Strict measures need to be taken if there are any signs of parental substitution, because once Johnny gets acquainted with the new parent or if they start having a bad impression of the alienated parent, reversing the process is an impossibility.

Note that parental substitution has different facets; take a look at all of them.

  • Mary is convinced to call the alienating parent’s new partner as *“mom”* and *“dad.”*
  • Non-parents are allowed to take over the parental roles like picking up Johnny from school, looking after his activities and so on.
  • Use of persuasive language and gift to convince Mary that the non-parent loves them more than the biological parent.


4. False Allegations
To gain more custody over Johnny, false allegations of domestic violence are often used in the court. These allegations can entirely cut off Johnny from the non-custodial parent.

If you don’t take right measures and work aggressively and intelligently to lever off these accusations, you will be left with too many questions on your character for the false acts you never committed. You will to challenge these accusations in the court. If you are able to prove these accusations wrong, you also file a petition to obtain custody of the child depending on how strong your stance is.

Android Monitoring

How Android Monitoring Can Help?

Dealing with parental alienation requires you to have an early information about the symptoms. However, in reality, you only find about it when the collateral damage is already done.

Android monitoring apps can help you know how your child has been feeling about you and what are the reasons if they have been showing a changed behavior towards you. These apps can be installed on the child’s smartphone or tablet for getting regular updates on their location, chats and online activity. We aren’t endorsing you to use smartphone monitoring before looking at the statute of your particular state. However, if you do the following, chances are that everything will go fine.

  • If your relationship is severing with your partner and you anticipate a divorce, it’s the best time to start working on the child custody. At this point, using a cell phone monitoring app wouldn’t only be easy but will also prepare you for all the aforementioned challenges beforehand.
  • Even after separation, you can still monitor your child’s cell phone after coming into mutual agreement with them. But this would require you to be legally owner of the device you want to monitor.

Talking about the legal requirements to use a child monitoring app, there are two preconditions.

  1. The device that’s under your child’s use should be your ownership.
  2. You need to take a legal consent of your child telling them about how a smartphone monitoring app would work.

If you have been thinking how monitoring a smartphone would help, take a look at how this app could do for you.

  • Using an Android monitoring app like Xnspy would allow you to read through all the text conversations.
  • You can also access phone logs like emails, internet browsing history, contacts and call logs.
  • You can record your child’s incoming and outgoing calls.
  • You can view their online activity from social media account like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, etc.
  • You can monitor their GPS location.
  • You can also access their personal notes and multimedia.

A Word on Smartphone Monitoring

Smartphone monitoring shares valuable insights to parents about their kids. It’s not helpful in finding proofs for parental alienation, but can also help you keep tabs on your kids’ mental and physical health.

I have a proof about parental alienation—what to do next?

Once you have then proof, it’s important that you resort to a child custody attorney as soon as possible. They will help you come up with a strategy to combat parental alienation, legally.

How have your dealt with parental alienation?



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